Pajarito Mountain/Courtesy
Enhanced snowmaking capabilities has helped Pajarito get ready for its opening day this season.
Pajarito Mountain opens for season today

Pajarito Mountain is open for ski and snowboard season. It began spinning the Aspen Lift at 9 a.m. this morning.
The Nov. 27 opening is the earliest opening in the ski area’s recent history.
Pajarito Mountain’s water collection system was expanded this year and mountain crews have been able to make more snow using water collected in the pond over the summer.
This has allowed mountain crews at Pajarito to start making a significant amount of snow for the first time in the resort’s history.
“This is an historical moment and an exciting year for Pajarito,” stated James Coleman, managing partner of Pajarito Mountain. “It’s the first time Pajarito has been able to utilize a significant amount of water from the weir system for snowmaking efforts and open earlier than in recent history.”
Pajarito has typically opened on or around Dec. 20, conditions permitting.
“The new snowmaking infrastructure is a game changer for Pajarito,” Coleman said. “We’re now able to prepare the mountain and announce an opening date with confidence and without solely relying on what Mother Nature provides.”
The Aspen Lift will be turning from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. today. Open terrain includes Bruce’s Boulevard, Lone Spruce and East Road.


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