Los Alamos Post Office clerk Ted Romero helps a customer Wednesday. He said he likes to use humor when helping people. It keeps them coming back, he said.

If Los Alamos Post Office customers looking to ship holiday gifts are lucky, they may get post office clerk Ted Romero to help them out. For the past 20 years, Romero has been using his smile and his wits to help customers through one of the most stressful times of the year.

Not only is Romero good at solving problems, he can also tell a great joke.

Romero said he likes to joke with the customers because it helps take their minds off their worries, especially if the wait may be a little longer than expected.

“Life is tense enough as it is,” Romero said.

It also makes good economic sense.

“If people get the service they want, they will keep coming back. There is more than one shipping option,” Romero said. “We like people to be happy.”

Romero also is a resident of Los Alamos County, which sometimes leads to some strange interactions outside of work.

“Some of my older customers sometime say ‘I know you from somewhere,’ and I’ll go, ‘Oh yeah, I met you at your niece’s bar mitzvah…” Romero joked.

It’s then, though, they catch on to where they really met him, and everyone’s in on the joke.