Chad Lauritzen, also known as the Sci Guy, of Champions of Youth Ambitions tests a rocket for a future elementary science education program with help from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation grant. This week, Lauritzen will provide free fun science at Chamisa.

There’s no rest for Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA), as they are busy with their first grant cycle from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation.
The $1,500 grant has allowed the local nonprofit to purchase supplies and increase its elementary offerings to six throughout the region.
“The grant has allowed me to purchase supplies that are normally outside of my personal expenses and provide those science lessons to more students,” said Chad Lauritzen, known by his pint-sized prodigies as the Sci Guy. “I was also able to expand into an additional new school, Velarde Elementary and focus on some additional lessons for K-2 students.”
The additional supplies include lab coats and safety goggles, so everyone can feel like a scientist.
C’YA’s fun, free science has already reached 315 students with repeat visits increasing those totals.
Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) teaches a variety of grades ranging from kindergarten through sixth, but when they travel to Dixon and Velarde, they spend the day teaching every class in the school.
While he loves teaching and getting kids excited about science, Lauritzen knows that education is equally about building the relationship with students, so they are eager to learn in the future.