Well an entire year has gone away and here we are again on the brink of another year devoted to building the Assets of our children in Los Alamos.
The month of September always kicks off the year for us. Students of all ages head back to school and we may need to be reminded how much every interaction means not just to them, but for them.
This year our Change for Change collection has a very pointed purpose. That purpose is to recognize the great things youth do all throughout the year.
Often we get busy and forget to send a card, offer a kind word or recognize a good deed.
The Community Youth Award from Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) is meant to do that all year long. Our newest youth was presented her award today and you will read about it later this week. It requires adults to stop down, put pen to paper or computer to email and highlight the great things, not academic or athletic, that kids do each day.
Some of the businesses collecting change this year include; Aspen Copies, Morning Glory Bakery, The Animal Clinic of Los Alamos, The Children’s Clinic, Finishing Touch and Village Arts.
The funds raised will be used to sponsor each monthly award for youth. They are presented a goodie bag with things that would bring a smile to the face of any teen. If you know a deserving youth, let us know.