Photo illustration/Monitor
Los Alamos County reminds drivers to prepare for winter driving conditions by readying their vehicles.

Winter weather is here and Los Alamos County reminded residents this week of some important safety considerations for motorists to take to make travel as safe as possible.
Motorists are encouraged to equip their vehicles with chains and/or snow tires and carry a container of sand and a shovel in their vehicle.
Motorists should make sure their vehicle is ready for winter driving by making sure the washer fluid reservoir is topped off with washer fluid that is winter rated, the windshield wipers are functional and working properly, the defroster is in good working order, each vehicle is equipped with a functional ice scraper, and that snow is cleared from the windows, roof and hood of the vehicle before traveling.
Barrels of sand for public use are placed at locations that historically become icy and slick during storms, including:
• San Ildefonso South at both ends of the guardrail
• North Mesa Road east of the roundabout
• Near the end of 37th Street off of Diamond Drive
• At the dead end of Gold Street/Arroyo Lane
• Near the intersection of State Road 4 and Rover in White Rock
• Near the intersection of North Road and Quemazon
• Other locations within Quemazon.