“We had the most students participating, after the middle school, with nine total. Four of my Mathletes were placed in the top 16 in the district. Overall, we have won the third place,” said Barranca teacher Lana Martin.

The LAPS School Board congratulated Piñon Elementary School student Leeson Weaver this week.
Leeson won the northern New Mexico MATHCOUNTS Chapter Meet as the highest-scoring individual student on the written test. He also came in second in the Countdown Round, which included Jeopardy-style buzzers and a 45-seconds-per-question situation, in a bracketed single elimination format.
Piñon’s all-girl team came in second, behind Los Alamos Middle School, in the team competition. The team included Jennie Gao, Lily Shevitz, Kira Lorenc, Lizzie Massa and Izze Thomas. The Los Alamos students plan to attend the state meet at Albuquerque Academy on March 19.
Los Alamos Middle School was first place, Piñon Elementary was second and Barranca Mesa Elementary placed third.
Mountain, Aspen, and Chamisa were also represented for 100 percent representation by eligible Los Alamos Public Schools.
MATHCOUNTS is a national math competition. In New Mexico, regional competitions occur in February with the top competitors moving on to the statewide competition and then on to the national finals.