Our son Spencer turns 18 today, a big deal in our house. You see I hate politics, but we have raised our children to know that voting is one of the most important rights you have as an American.
Every year my husband and I waited until he got home from work and then would walk as a family down to the polling location, so they could watch us vote.
Since it is a small town, we often knew the poll workers and they always got a sticker, but we hoped they were noticing it was important to us.
So I have told him to avoid the sweet League of Women Voters table at the high school. Why you ask? It was equally important for me to take each young man to register as well. We even wait for our favorite worker to be there to do the official registering. Yes I take a photo and yes, I take a photo the first time they get to vote too.
I remember being 18, I remember going to register to vote and casting my ballot. Ah, but it was, “the good old days.” It was a time when you kept your mouth shut because voting was personal, like how much you paid for your house or how much money you made. Oh how we long for the old days sometimes.
When I was growing up, the only thing I remember about the whole process was my parents always saying, “You vote for the lesser of two evils.”