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  • Thanks to the community’s support of a crowd-funding campaign, Teatro Paraguas and Recuerdos Vivos New Mexico present a full stage production of the oral history play, “When The Stars Trembled in Río Puerco,” at Teatro Paraguas in April.
    The play, presented in English, is a stage adaptation of “Recuerdos de Los Viejitos, Tales of the Rio Puerco Valley,” collected and edited by renowned oral historian Nasario García. It makes stories of land and community in four now ghosts towns south of Cuba, from the 1910s through 1950s.
    Written and directed by Shebana Coelho, an award-winning writer and filmmaker, it is co-presented with Teatro Paraguas, which celebrates the richness and diversity of Hispanic heritage.
    “When the Stars Trembled in Rio Puerco” runs for six performances: at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and at 4 p.m. Sundays. The events will be Friday through Sunday and April 11-13. The Sunday performances are preceded by a “Share Your Recuerdos” open mic — community members are invited to bring a memento from the past and share a 3-4 minute anecdote.
    The play is slated to be performed at Albuquerque’s National Hispanic Cultural Center in September during Hispanic Heritage Month.

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    Friday, April 4, 2014
    06:00 AM Democracy Now! – Live
    10:00 AM Democracy Now!
    12:00 PM County Council Meeting Live
    02:00 PM Mesa Public Library Author Speak Series- Darynda Jones
    03:00 PM Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce Breakfast – Los Alamos Beer Coop
    04:00 PM Al Jazeera DC Bureau
    05:00 PM Behind the White Coat – Jennifer Hollingsworth
    05:30 PM Udall Update
    06:00 PM Democracy Now!
    07:00 PM Los Alamos Historical Society – “Globetrotters, Border Crossers, and the Tangled Tales of U.S. – Mexico Borderlands History
    08:30 PM The Garage
    09:00 PM Bongo Boy Rock and Roll
    10:00 PM Mesa Public Library Authors Speak Series –Darynda Jones
    11:00 PM NNMCAB Meeting
    12:00 AM Free Speech TV

    Saturday, April 5, 2014
    Free Speech TV

    Sunday, April 6, 2014
    06:00 AM FSTV
    05:30 PM Key to the Kingdom
    06:00 PM Drawing Men to Christ
    07:00 PM United Church
    08:30 PM Trinity on the Hill
    09:30 PM Generation
    11:00 PM That Which Is
    12:00 PM Free Speech TV

  • Today
    Los Alamos Little Theatre will have a reading of the play “Tower of Magic” by local playwright Tess Light at 6 p.m. in the Green Room of the Performing Arts Center, 1670 Nectar Street. Anyone interested in reading from the script — or listening to the reading — is welcome to attend.

    “Sisters in Art — Sisters at Heart,” shows daily in the Portal Gallery of Fuller Lodge Art Center through April 26.
    The Chamber hosts its monthly Business Breakfast, with Rep. Stephanie Garcia-Richard, who will update businesses on the 2014 Legislative Session. From 7:30 to 9 a.m. Register and find out more about the Business Breakfast by clicking on the link. chamberorganizer.com.

    The Los Alamos Republican Women will host a 2014 Republican Candidates Meet and Greet. 7 p.m. 1615 Central Avenue, Suite 100 (Downstairs from Pro2Serve & beside Metzer’s). All political persuasions are invited to come and meet the Republican candidates. State and local candidates will briefly speak and then attendees will have opportunity to personally meet and ask them questions. For more information, contact Donna MacDonald, 662-4001.

  • “Ruby Sparks” (2012, rated R), screening this week at Mesa Public Library, tells the story of young novelist Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano) who has not recovered from his early success. Nor has the acclaimed “genius” recovered from his father’s death, or his break-up with his first serious girlfriend.
    He cannot write, he cannot maintain friendships — he can barely be kind to his dog.
    From this nadir, he begins to dream. And he dreams, like many of us would in his leaky, lonely boat, of love. He imagines a girl (Zoe Kazan) with red hair, bright tights, endearing quirks and absolute adoration for him. He writes her down.
    Thrilled to be writing again, he is deeply involved before he realizes he is in love with his Ruby, even if she is a product of his own mind.
    The plot reminds me of “Lars and the Real Girl,” which screened at the library in February, in that its protagonist chooses a paramour who is not alive in the usual way. Except here, Calvin knows the deal, and further, is firmly in control of the woman he claims to love.
    Also unlike Lars, Calvin never lets go of the fantasy. I think we’re supposed to believe he does, but ultimately, the ending makes it too easy for him to fall in love, again, with himself.

  • Welcome to April, the Asset category of Constructive use of time and a way past due time for spring break.
    This category incorporates numbers 17 through 20 and includes creative activities, youth programs, the religious community and time at home.
    Now for those that know me well, spring break is a time for staying in your pajamas as late as possible, scheduling a whole lot of nothing, eating dinner in front of the television and one of those dinners possibly being comprised of all appetizers.
    I also recommend a healthy amount of baking, making ice cream sundaes, or going through a drive-thru, again in your pajamas for some sort of sweet treat, late at night.
    The theme here is a whole lot of nothing that can still equal a whole lot of fun. Parents and their children need to be able to embrace times where every little detail isn’t scheduled out to the very last minute.
    Throughout the month, we will look at the following assets and how constructive use of time is important, but you can also be constructive doodling on construction paper and mailing cards to our troops, or local home bound seniors who could use a kind word.
    Here is a look at the entire category.
    17. Creative activities — A young person spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts.

  • Eighteen students from the Los Alamos High School Choir sojourned to New York City to join other high school musicians from around the country to form a 150 member National Festival Chorus and perform at the Lincoln Center.
    The local LAHS Choir Parent Booster Club organized and sponsored the five-day trip where the singers rehearsed under Karen Kennedy, a Master Conductor from The University of Miami, director of Choral Studies.
    Students recognized the value of working with a “Super” conductor saying, “She made us want to work hard, sing our hearts out and do our best. It felt great to sound so good.” 
    The rehearsal schedule cumulated in a well-orchestrated March 29 exposé in Alice Tully Hall of the Lincoln Center.
    The performance featured five pieces by the students, the Masterworks Festival Chorus and the New York City Chamber Orchestra. 
    In between rehearsals the students took in the sites, sounds and tastes of the Big Apple including a Broadway Musical, Central Park, Natural History Museum and more.  

  • Pony Club graduate and instructor Lindsay Lechner performs in a dressage show. The Los Alamos Pony Club show and rally helps participants improve their horsemanship and teamwork skills.

  • The Atomic City Corvette Club meets at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at Time Out Pizza in White Rock. For more information, contact Chris Ortega at 672-9789.

    The Los Alamos Table Tennis Club meets from 7:30-10 p.m. Tuesdays; and from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Saturdays, at the Betty Ehart Senior Center, lower level. On Tuesday, there is a fee of $2 per player. There is no charge on Saturday. For more information, contact Avadh Saxena at AVADH—S@hotmail.com or Ed Stein at 662-7472.

    The Lions Club meets at 84 Barcelona in White Rock on the first and third Thursdays. For more information, call 672-3300 or 672-9563.

    The Rotary Club of Los Alamos meets at 11:45 a.m. every Tuesday at the Manhattan Project restaurant.

    Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos meets Tuesdays from Noon-1 p.m. at Trinity on the Hill Church in Kelly Hall.

    The Military Order of World Wars hosts a monthly dinner meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. For more information, contact Lt. Col. Norm Wilson, USAF retired, at 662-9544.

    The Los Alamos Photography Club meets the third Tuesday of the month upstairs in the Fuller Lodge Art Center. The meetings are from 7-9 p.m. Annual dues are $12 per year. For more information, visit tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/la-photoclub/.

  • Today
    The Los Alamos Adobe Users Group (LAAUG), meets from 7-9 p.m., the first Tuesday of each month, upstairs in the Fuller Lodge Art Center. The focus of LAAUG is digital photography post-processing. Digital capture is also discussed. Meetings moderated by Doug Coombs and Ken Hanson, or by a group member. Past presentations are posted and available to all on the website laaug.wordpress.com/. All are welcome. Dues are $12 per year and are good for the Los Alamos Photography Club. For more information email Doug at dfcoombs@comcast.net.

    “Sisters in Art — Sisters at Heart,” shows daily in the Portal Gallery of Fuller Lodge Art Center through April 26.
    Bag Days. 9 a.m. to noon at Jemez House Thrift Shop, 13 Sherwood Blvd.

    The Chamber will host a workshop on “Maximizing your online presence” from 1-4 p.m. For details and to register visit, chamberorganizer.com.

  • The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta board of directors and staff are conducting the first “Oh Say Can You Sing” National Anthem Contest. Singers, entertainers and performers are invited to submit their best National Anthem audition video online.
    Balloon Fiesta staff will choose the top 15, then the top nine will be selected by votes cast by Balloon Fiesta Facebook fans.
    The winners of the “Oh Say Can You Sing” contest will sing the National Anthem at Balloon Fiesta Park’s Main Stage during the 2014 event morning sessions October 4-12, 2014.
    Video auditions are being accepted until April 11. To enter visit: balloonfiesta.com/event-info/oh-say-can-you-sing.
    To submit audition:
    • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.
    • Complete the online application and include the link to your video audition.
    • Visit BalloonFiesta.com on April 18 to see if you are a finalist.