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  • Poetry Corner 05-22-11

    My little brother’s birthday party

    Their laughs and giggles echo off the trees
    as they run around shooting each other.
    Wrestling on the ground, grass stains on knees, they’re falling down one after another.
    The destruction of a ten-year-old boy,
    no pink, no girls, no Barbie dolls allowed.
    There’s always magic tricks and yoyo toys,
    playing any sport in front of a crowd.
    Sit and watch the little boys and rockets,
    pure joy and fascination in their eyes.
    The rocket starts to lift off and they watch it
    as it disappears in the clear blue sky.
    Little boys and rockets, will soon be men
    grow up so fast, never little again.

    — Dana Crooks

  • Andrew and Mousie
  • Shop smart: Impulse buy, or a must-have?

    I think I have found the one bad thing about shopping: being a guilty shopper. If you consider yourself a style addict or a shopaholic, this problem just about doubles. I experienced that heart-wrenching feeling far too many times, when I find the perfect piece of clothing, only to look at the price tag and have to sit down because my legs turn to Jell-O. And sometimes the feeling gets worse. If I love the item to the point where, even after a painful glance at the price, I still want it, then I am in trouble.

  • Spring fever grabs hold of students

    The symptoms are common this time of year. Simply thinking about the fun that freedom will bring once school ends, sweeps the average person into a fantasy world in which giddyness enhabits.
    The most devout students find themselves sighing longingly while staring dreamily out a finger-printed window at the scene beginning to bud right in front of their eyes. Every minute seems like an hour as the clock slowly inches toward the beginning of a new adventure.
    The only thing keeping teens inside is the reality of school discipline.

  • Word on the Street 05-15-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Tom Hanlon recently asked eighth grader Nathan Simmonds a few questions.

  • Poetry Corner 05-15-11

    Ode to a pencil

    Yellow and wooden
    plump pink eraser slightly rubbed and smudged with gray.
    Layers of light brown wood peeled off of the tip.
    A chunk of soft black graphite pokes itself up and shines dully in the light.
    A layer of paint is evenly spread.
    Dented and scratched
    nibbled on from anxiety and impatience leaving indentations of molars in its soft wooden body.
    Twirls in fingers, having the potential energy and power to write down any thought any idea, any image, picture,
    create any world.
    The soft black graphite comes in contact with white crisp paper scratching little gray marks revealing what was once in the mind and laying it before all eyes to see.

  • Tackling the tricky T-shirt

    T-shirts are so common these days that we tend not to think about their importance anymore, yet we wear them every day. T-shirts come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, styles, cuts and colors. Choosing a T-shirt can sometimes be so overwhelming that some of you may just give up and resort to wearing the plain white crewneck T-shirt, which does absolutely nothing for you. Do not worry. I am here to help sort out this dilemma for you.
    Let’s start with buying the right shape of T-shirt. Unbelievably, your face shape has everything to do with the type of T-shirt you buy. If your face is round or you have a shorter neck, do not buy T-shirts with round necklines. Wear a V-neck or a long necklace to elongate your face and neck.

  • Bin Laden loses hide-and-go-seek title

    The members of the Thoughtful, Encouraging, Rational, Reliable, Optimistic and Realistic Individuals Supporting Tranquility in Society (T.E.R.R.O.R.I.S.T.S) withdrew Osama bin Laden’s title of World Hide-and-Go-Seek Champion May 1.
    The title was originally presented to bin Laden in 2004, after many years of hiding from the powerful United States government.
    Bill Omb, the chairman of the hide-and-go-seek committee, joked, “Of course Osama wasn’t there to accept his award. He was so good at the game that he would not risk revealing his ultimate hiding spot.”
    When asked what he thought of bin Laden’s capture, Omb looked down sadly and sighed.
    “I was so disappointed. Not only was he found, but he cheated!”

  • Was SBA testing a waste of time?

    Throughout high school, there’s one day that every teenager looks foreword to: Graduation. It’s the end of some things and the beginning of others, as teens try to find their place in the world.
    In order to receive a diploma, a student must earn all of the required academic credits and pass the Standard Based Assessment. The state of New Mexico chose the SBA as the common graduation test for all New Mexico public schools.
    Students take the SBA their junior year and have several opportunities over the next five years, if they do not pass the assessment. The test’s purpose, similar to MAPS testing, is also to measure adequate yearly progress among students.

  • Poetry Corner 05-08-11

    The Artist:
    A Form Poem

    I created her from nothing:
    A heap of empty leaves.
    I planned her night and morning;
    Of notes, I wrote out sheaves.

    An outline on the anvil:
    That rough, imperfect start.
    I planned her night and day, until
    She nearly broke my heart.

    At last I planned her just so;
    Every detail written right.
    I heated the ore ‘til it gave a glow;
    Beginning was in sight.

    I pulled the lump of shining ore;  
    The pen unleashed my mind.
    Useless slag pooled on the floor;
    Bad ideas left behind.

    I took a hammer in my hand;
    Pen in my firm grasp.