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  • Word on the Street 04-24-11

    Teen Pulse staff members Katelyn and Courtney Collier recently asked LAHS students a few questions about Los Alamos.

  • Fashion 411: Every shoe closet needs the basics

    Shoes: More Important Than You Thought
    I am a complete sucker for shoes. Honestly, if I could live in my heels, I would. But, of course, heels are hard to walk in and shoes are hard to find. I know, finding the right pair is a big dilemma, but I have a few tips that will land you the perfect pair.
    First of all, every shoe closet should consist of a few types of basic shoes. Flats, pumps, peep-toe heels, embellished heels, gladiator sandals and boots are the bare essentials.

  • Spring break poll results

    Teen Pulse Staff member Madalina Ciuca surveyed 75 Los Alamos High School students, to find out what they did for spring break.

  • Poetry Corner 04-24-11

    Dress Up

    A little girl skips around
    with nothing to do one afternoon.
    So she sneaks into the closet
    within her mother's room.

    She looks around at all the clothes
    of colors of all kinds.
    She giggles and claps with excitement
    as she sees what she can find.

    She lets her imagination swirl
    as she throws on a pink dress.
    She stands up straight with a book on her head
    -being a pretty pink princess.

    She puts on a raincoat and boots,
    twirls an umbrella on her shoulder,
    singing and dancing in the rain
    -like nothing can control her.

    A giant yellow sunhat
    a long belt and red sheet

  • Technology is gr8! Or is it?

    According to a quote by Mark Kennedy, “All of the biggest technological inventions created by man — the airplane, the automobile, the computer — says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.” 
    Technology has become a big part of a teenager’s daily life. It allows teens to do things that were not even considered possible a few decades ago.
    Grandparents will tell their grandchildren overly exaggerated stories of how they walked so many miles to school in the snow because cars weren’t invented yet.
    Today, cell phones and computers provide instant communication, but has texting taken over teens’ lives?

  • Word on the Street 04-17-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Tom Hanlon recently asked LAMS 8th grade student Lorinda Lucero a few questions about Los Alamos.

  • Poetry Corner 04-17-11

    Ode to my thinking apparatus

    It’s up there … somewhere.
    I know it is,
    At least … I think so.
    Ever so often I wonder,
    And tap its encasing.

    It provides actions,
    Like smiles,
    And frowns, sometimes.
    It will always talk for me,
    But never out loud.

    It is pink and squishy,
    Like a piece of,
    Chewed up bubble gum.
    And I treasure it always,
    An important existence.

    It taps ten impatient fingers,
    And wiggles ten,
    Free little painted toes.
    It rolls two teasingly sarcastic eyes,
    And gushes gurgling giggles.

    And at the moment it,
    Is thinking about

  • It’s not the destination, but the climb

    Nearly hanging upside down 30 feet above the ground, a young teen climber is losing his grip on the tricky handhold he is clinging to. He makes a wild grab for the next hold and misses, only to fall about six inches and be caught by the rope of his belayer.
    Most of the members of the Teen Climbing Club experience similar scenarios when they climb at the YMCA. The club meets from 6-8 p.m. every Wednesday.
    Climbing Wall Supervisor Sandra West brought back the club in September of 2010, after the old one was canceled in 2009.
    “The TCC is a good space for teens to climb, hang out with friends or just boulder casually,” West said.

  • LAHS Debate Team celebrates successes

    The Los Alamos Speech and Debate Team have a lot to be proud of. Not only are they one of the most successful groups at Los Alamos High School, but they recently qualified and had a fair number of alternate positions in the National Speech and Debate tournament.
    The current sponsors of the group, Margo Batha and Noel Trujillo, beam like proud parents.

  • Word on the Street 04-10-11

    Teen Pulse staff members Maria Jaleh McTeigue and Courtney Collier recently asked LAHS students a few questions about Los Alamos.