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  • Shedding some light on MAPS testing

    Moans and groans echo through the hallways when word gets around that it is time for students to take Measure of Academic Progress tests. Students have a hard time seeing the importance of MAPS testing; however, there are many benefits that the tests provide.

  • Ready or not, teens’ lives are going to change

    Ready or not, here it comes. This is not a game of hide-and-go seek. This is about the near future…the future of teenagers. Soon they’ll have to leave the comfort of their warm homes with their bedrooms and mom’s home-cooked meals, go out into the real world, make their own decisions and transform into something more than teenagers.

  • Students bridge the U.S., European gap

    Many people don’t realize how many differences exist between European and American teenagers. Foreign exchange students Charlotte Mouret, 17, of France, Maja Struck, 15, of Germany and Kathrine Eriksen, 16, of Denmark recently helped shed some light on the differences.
    All students at Los Alamos High School, they explained what it means for them to live in the United States, and what a change this country is from Europe.

  • Word on the Street 03-13-11

    Teen Pulse staff members Courtney Collier and MariaJaleh McTeigue recently asked LAHS students a few questions about Los Alamos.

  • 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip meeting

    There will be a meeting for this year’s students who are going on the  Washington, D.C. spring break trip from 1-2 p.m. Friday. Because there is no school on that day, the meeting will be in the Los Alamos Public Library.
    Students will receive the trip itinerary, suggestions on what to pack and information about an essay contest for laying the morning wreath of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. Those who intend to go on the trip should try to attend this meeting. Parents are welcome to attend.

  • Poetry Corner 3-6-11

    Let It Slowly Melt


    Sometimes we get caught up in life

  • Show this spring's style who's boss

    Alexandra Hehlen

    Teen Pulse Staff Writer


  • Hill sharpens his ax skills

    By Sebastian Garcia

    Teen Pulse Staff Writer

  • Cookies and conversation
  • Word on the street

    Teen Pulse staff member Tom Hanlon recently asked 8th grader Breanna Sehorn a few questions about Los Alamos.

    What do you like to do for fun in LA? "Play basketball."

    What would you change about LA?  "Have more outside activities that are not science oriented."
    What do you plan to do after you graduate?  "I plan to go to college and become a psychologist."

    How long have you lived in LA?  "I have lived here for nine years."