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  • The best worst four days of my life

    From my first day in ROTC, almost three years ago now, the legends about Basic Leadership Training had been circulating. Certain phrases like “You will bake until you are a potato;” “You will see your breakfast again;” “I saw the polish running off my shoes;” and “You will see your lunch again,” stood out.
    Hearing all of this stuff made me wonder why anyone would willingly go to BLT. Of course, I’m sure a few people were forced to go. However, the vast majority of those who went chose to. Another phrase was often heard: “The best worst four days of your life.” People said that it was difficult, but would be fun. They were right.

  • Word on the Street 08-21-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Ben Hanlon, a homeschooled seventh grader, recently asked Los Alamos Middle School students a few questions.

  • Poetry Corner 08-21-11

    The Golden State

    Cali is the place to go
    It is the universe
    Never stopping, never
    Take a sip from the
    Set things back into
    Places like Brooklyn are
    Cuz everyone’s
    California dreamin’
    The vibe from L.A. to
    The Bay is like an
    Hits your mind like an
    Now you know what
    to do, it waits for you
    Cali is the place to go

    — Sebastian Garcia

    Garcia is a junior at
    Los Alamos High School.

  • ‘The Glass Castle’ leaves you wanting more

    “The Glass Castle: A Memoir,” by Jeanette Walls, was published in 2005 and was on the Best Seller list for 100 weeks. With that kind of publicity, one would think this would be a marvelous book. The story details the life of Jeanette Walls, as she grew up in her (more than) dysfunctional family.  
    Moving from Arizona to California to Virginia in a matter of a few years, with periods of homelessness, the family was dirt poor. Walls reflects on all the emotional damage done by her mother and father, and the book becomes extremely emotional extremely fast.

  • Comparing American and European teens

    Summer is the perfect time to relax, let loose and explore. All around the globe, adolescents spend the entire school year planning and dreaming about their summer vacations.
    Naturally, with each geographical region comes a different plan and a different dream, mostly because of the opportunities given within each area.
    While I cannot speak for every continent on the planet, I have had my fair share of summers in both the United States and Europe and they are both very different experiences.
    While summer in the United States generally implies summer camp or sightseeing with parents, a European summer gives teens much more responsibility and freedom.

  • 08-14-11 Andrew and Mousie
  • 08-14-11 Word on the Street

    What’s the weirdest thing you ever heard a teacher say?
    “We could eat this gum, it’s expired though ... About five years ago. But that’s OK, except it tastes like tripe, so we probably shouldn’t eat it.” — Alice Shao, freshman


    What’s been your best vacation, so far?
    “Scuba diving in the Caribbean.” —Aerryn Rees, sophomore


    What’s your most irrational fear?
    “Bugs. Bugs are bad.” — Toni Batha, junior


  • Poetry corner: Rusty swings

    Rusty swings

    There’s lots of laughs and giggles all across the playground, and a common fear of cooties as she chases him around.

    But boys aren’t so yucky anymore and friends they soon become.
    Playing sports every day after school, she begins to think “maybe he isn’t so dumb.”

    He likes worms and other gross stuff, all his immature jokes are about farts,
    but now she sits next to him at school — turns out he’s kind of smart.

    His blue eyes are kind of pretty. His hair looks soft to touch. He flashes her that sweet smile that she’ll never get tired of.

  • Tips to help products go the extra mile

    At times like these when money is short, the stock market is down and everyone just has a sinking feeling about their cash, shopping is certainly not number one on the priority list, but looking good still is. That may be a problem when we are stuck with the mindset that says, “How can I look good without going shopping for something new?”
    I have successfully saved you a shopping spree and gathered a few tips on how to look great with items that you already have at home.

  • ‘And Hell Will Follow Me,’ the title says it all

    A Pale Horse Named Death may be new to the American heavy metal music scene, but collectively, the band has its roots in metal.
    “And Hell Will Follow Me” is the group’s debut album, was released on June 14. Though this is their first album, the band members are far from heavy metal novices.
    Sal Abruscato is probably best known as the original drummer for Type O Negative, but also played in Life of Agony and Supermassiv. Abruscato, along with  Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly — who was also with Seventh Void; Bobby Hambel formerly of Biohazard and Matt Brown formerly of Seventh Void, meld their melancholy metal together to form A Pale Horse Named Death.