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  • Andrew and Mousie 03-18-12
  • Word on the Street 03-18-12

    Teen Pulse staff member and home school freshman Tom Hanlon asked students, “Do you believe you will ever find a four-leaf clover?”

  • Science Fair Winners

    Los Alamos High School junior Holly Erickson took the grand award in the senior division at the Northeastern Regional Science Fair at New Mexico Highlands University March 3, while sophomore Joe Abeyta and senior Adrian Abeyta placed second and qualified for state competition.

  • Cafeteria offers students a variety

    Everyone who’s been to Los Alamos High School knows there is a cafeteria, and everyone who knows about the cafeteria has probably eaten there at least once since it opened. 
    So as with everything on planet Earth, there are those who like it and those who hate it.
    I lean toward the “like” category.  Note to freshman: one big reason you should accept the cafeteria’s offerings is because the food is great, compared to the middle school’s glue and plastic (supposedly) mac and cheese they offer with some meals. 
    For the rest of the student body, the cafeteria works just like any other cafeteria … it’s as good as it’s going to get.

  • Fashion Maven: Clothes make the man

    After receiving numerous suggestions to write about guys’ fashion, I have decided to fulfill the requests.
    Fashion for men is as broad a subject as women’s fashion, so I have decided to narrow down this column to what a man should not do when he dresses himself in the morning. Ahem, guys: this might be a good time to listen up because I speak for a vast majority of ladies, here.

  • Word on the Street 03-11-12

    Teen Pulse staff member and Los Alamos High School senior Ada Ciuca asked LAHS students, “What movie do you think should have won ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars?”

  • Youth Activity Center schedule 03-11-12

    Monday — Gaelic games
    Tuesday —St. Patrick’s Day bingo
    Wednesday — Movies and munchies
    Thursday — Pin the hat on the leprechaun
    Friday — Coloring activities

    All students in third through eighth grades are welcome to join free of charge.

    The centers are at 475 20th St. (by Ashley Pond) and 10 Sherwood Blvd. (by Piñon Park). Call 662-9412 or 672-1565 or more information.

  • Andrew and Mousie 03-11-12
  • An inside look at the Lizard King

    “Is everybody In? The Ceremony is about to begin.” – Jim Morrison.
    During the turbulent 1960s, which could be considered a modern-times Renaissance, many people tried to change the world and change American conscience. Despite several efforts, only one man succeeded. Not only did he change Americans, but he turned the country upside down. The youth of America would have followed him to hell and back and done it with a smile on their faces. His Name was The Lizard King aka Jim Morrison.

  • Word on the Street 03-04-12

    Teen Pulse staff member and Los Alamos High School senior Ada Ciuca asked LAHS students, “What would you like the new Teen Center to contain?”