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  • Fashion maven: An inside scoop on the essentials for the newest trend


    Alexandra Hehlen



    For those of you who have taken a peek at what is in style right now, you’ve probably seen my most favorite trend yet.

  • Speech and Debate team prepares for tourney

    Madalina Ciuca


      With Los Alamos High School hosting a tournament soon and multiple victories at the East Mountain High School debate tournament, the Speech and Debate team seems to be ready for action. 

  • Students Occupy Los Alamos

    Katelyn Collier

    Teen Pulse Staff Writer


  • Word on the Street 10-30-11

    Halloween is Monday, so instead of asking random students a question, Teen Pulse staff members and Los Alamos High School students Madalina Ciuca (senior) and Sebastian Garcia (junior) asked fellow staff members — and each other, “Who is your favorite horror movie character?”

  • Andrew and Mousie 10-30-11
  • Putting together a last-minute costume can be simple

    Oh my goodness, Halloween is almost here. I’m sure many of you are going trick-or-treating or having Halloween parties, and I am just as sure that many of you don’t have costumes yet.
    I am in the same boat as all of you costume-less people, but I have come up with a few tricks to whip up a last-minute Halloween costume.
    Of course, the first option is to wear something you wore last year or the year before. Old costumes usually fit, as they are mostly made of stretchable fabric. Adding a cape to an old costume makes a great addition, as do hats, a fun pair of shoes or gloves. Painting your nails and styling your hair are always important.

  • Word on the Street 10-23-11

    Because the movie, “The Lion King” was recently re-released in theaters in 3D, Teen Pulse staff member and Los Alamos High School junior, Sebastian Garcia asked LAHS students the following question: “Did you cry when Mufasa died?”

  • Andrew and Mousie 10-23-11
  • The band marches on

    Maybe you’ve heard them playing in the afternoon heat on Sullivan Field or better yet, seen them as they’ve faced rain and snow to perform a halftime show during Friday night football games.
    Participating in the Los Alamos Topper Band, under the direction of Drum Majors Adam Sayer, Holly Erickson and Zane Meek, although not seen as a sport by many, requires skill.
    Marching requires the ability to memorize field position. To move to that position, one must be able to balance while moving backwards on tip-toe — and just-for-fun, do it while keeping time in your  head and feet. Oh, and of course, play an instrument while moving. Think you’ve got it? Now try to do it all at once.

  • Fashion Maven: Hair gone wild: How to manage a bad hair day

    Hair has an extreme effect on the way you look, so naturally I like to make my hair look good on a daily basis.
    Ok, maybe not everyday, because everyone has bad hair days, right? But when I do have a bad hair day, I find that the phrase, “learn from your mistakes,” is true.
    In fact, I have accumulated a few hair-styling dos and don’ts that you may want to know about.
    You should always wash your hair before styling it, so let’s go over a few helpful suggestions before you start styling. Washing your hair every other day is ideal.