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  • Fashion Maven: Fashion sizzles on the red carpet

    Last Sunday witnessed an apex in fashion this year, the Oscars.
    The dresses and suits on the red carpet served as an accumulation of the latest in style, but also as indicators of upcoming trends.
    Fashion fanatics — around the world — myself included — had their eyes glued to their television screens to pick up on all the chic details, which will soon become the trends of tomorrow.
    Slim fitted gowns, dresses with bubble skirts and bodices with peplum waists paraded past the paparazzi.
    Ruffles, lace, stripes, sequins, sparkles and rhinestones were in no short supply. A few of these elements used in combination made for some fabulous frocks.
    Beads sparkled under the Hollywood lights, as they speckled silk or completely covered gowns in draped, chandelier-like strands.
    Intricate patterns and golden decorations, that might as well have been ceiling paintings from the Baroque era, made bold statements well-suited to the actresses’ confident personalities.
    Wedding-cake-like elements embellished some dresses with gentle elegance or classy pomp.

  • ‘Escape from Planet Earth’ is nothing new

    Just about everyone has wondered if there is life on other planets.  In “Escape From Planet Earth,” there are various planets with many alien races.  
    “Escape From Planet Earth” is an animated comedy directed by Callan Brunker and produced by Rainmaker Entertainment.  It debuted in theaters on Feb. 15.
    On Planet Baab, national hero Scorch Supernova (voice of Brendon Fraser) pulls off daring rescue missions with the help of his nerdy brother, Gary (voice of Rob Corddry), who works in mission control at BASA.
    BASA’s chief, Lena (voice of Jessica Alba of “Spy Kids”) tells the brothers that a distress call came from the dangerous Dark Planet (Earth) from which no one ever returns.
    Scorch, eager to go on the mission to rescue fellow aliens, ignores the warnings of his brother Gary not to go to the most dangerous planet.
    But Scorch does not listen and goes on the mission anyway. When Scorch arrives on Earth he is captured by the evil General Shanker (William Shatner).  
    Scorch is taken to Area 51, where he meets other captured aliens. Discovering that his brother has been captured, Gary must now save Scorch.

  • Word on the Street 03-03-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Owen Bradbury Aranda asked students, “Superman or Batman?”

  • 'Warm bodies' proves there's love after death

    By Owen Bradbury Aranda

    In a post-apocalyptic world a boy and a girl find love; despite danger, despite disapproval, oh yeah, and despite the fact that the boy is actually a brain-eating zombie.

    Although the story is an adaptation of a novel by the same name, by Isaac Marion, it is an incredibly original idea as a film and takes a whole new approach to the zombie apocalypse genre. 

    The film takes place in the future, where the world has undergone a zombie apocalypse and one of the last pockets of humanity lives behind a massive wall for protection. The protagonist “R,” a slow, lonely, teenage zombie boy, falls in love with Julie, a girl fighting for human survival. 

    In their first encounter, she sees him murder and tear apart her boyfriend and is utterly horrified, but when he saves her from certain death, she gains some sympathy for him. In order to keep her alive, he takes her with him to his hideout, where she is kept for several days. 

    As she stays with him, she quickly loses her fear of him and soon realizes that love is slowly making him become more human again. Slowly, this effect spreads throughout the population of corpses and soon love starts to make the undead become more like the living. 

  • Fashion Maven: Time is right for tights

    The weather is slowly starting to warm up, and despite the fact that it’s still winter, I’m getting the burning desire to wear a dress. 

    Or a skirt, or capris, or anything that is not ankle-length.

    Even in the springtime, the weather is often chilly, and there’s no way I can wait until summer to put on a dress.

    Luckily, a new trend is here to save the day. This new fad is centered around tights — patterned tights, specifically, because they make a statement. Designers are creating every kind of pattern imaginable. 

    You can buy cheetah print, polka dot or striped tights. Some are ornate lace creations, while others are bold and simple fishnets.

    And to top it all off, this new accessory comes in every color imaginable.

    You can pair your tights with skirts, dresses or even shorts. Mini-dresses and short shorts are especially fabulous.

  • Tom Hanlon: Gun control harms freedom

    One of the biggest issues facing my future is the cry for gun control. The liberties that my grandfather fought for in World War II are disappearing right in front of my eyes. 

    Just because a few mentally ill people decided to murder innocent people doesn’t mean my inalienable right to protect myself should be taken away. The only person qualified to protect me, is me.  

    On Oct. 16, 1991, 23 people were killed at a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas. 

    They were victims of a man who crashed his truck through the front window of the restaurant and then walked around executing people. Suzanna Hupp, who lost both of her parents in the shooting, had reached into her purse for the handgun she owned, only to realize that it was still in her car. 

    If Texas law had not required firearms to be kept out of restaurants, both of Suzanna’s parents might still be alive today, she said. Hupp testified before Congress in opposition to stricter gun control laws. Later on, she became a U.S. Congresswoman. 

    If I were caught in a similar situation, could I take on the shooter with my bare hands? Not likely. The only way to counter someone with a gun effectively is with a weapon of equal or greater strength. 

  • Andrew and Mousie 02-17-13
  • Fashion Maven: It’s not too late for a date

    Valentine’s Day may just have passed, but that doesn’t mean date nights have to come to a halt because the most romantic day of the year is over.
    Dates can be a relaxing and entertaining way to spend some time with your significant other. But there’s a catch: a date requires a perfect outfit, which is not always easy to muster up.
    The first and largest determining factor of an outfit is the location of your rendezvous. If you’re planning on anything that involves walking, comfortable shoes — not tennis shoes — like flats or boots are a safe option.
    If you go out to dinner, opt for some heels that match your outfit. Even if you don’t usually wear pumps or wedges, date nights are an opportunity to dress up.
    For dinner dates, dresses and skirts are chic options. Go for something colorful or flowy, and remember that tight dresses are not always flattering.
    If you’re shrink-wrapped into a dress, you won’t be comfortable or look comfortable, for that matter. Tight dresses are great for empty stomachs, but not quite as enjoyable after a three-course meal.
    A V-neck dress that flows out from the waist and ends just above the knee is a safe bet for almost any figure, as is a skirt of the same length.

  • Word on the Street 02-17-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Owen Bradbury Aranda and Sebastian Garcia asked students, “How much is too much PDA?”

  • PDA: The good and the bad

    Public displays of affection, or PDA, are defined as acts of physical intimacy in the presence of others.
    In American culture, there is broad consensus of what is socially acceptable in terms of PDA.
    When shown in the media, displays of affection such as holding hands, kissing or hugging are seen as acceptable. When it comes to young adult couples (ages 15-23), displays that are often acceptable in the media are frowned upon.
    Los Alamos High School students are used to PDA, since common sights on campus include couples holding hands during the passing period or kissing quickly before class.
    “It can be cute but it gets annoying when couples get overly passionate about their PDA,” said Kiersten Temple, a Los Alamos High School junior.
    Other students shared the same viewpoint as Temple, adding that over-PG-rated PDA was too much to be shown in public.
    In certain public places, such as a library, there have been rules put into place that do not permit any PDA.
    At first glance, these rules seem to be unreasonable, but the reality of the situation is that if these rules were not put in place, some couples would go overboard — possibly engaging in acts that are not suitable for public viewing.