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  • Explaining the strike on Syria

    With all the talk about strikes against Syria flooding the news airwaves, it’s only natural that one would be curious about what’s going on. To help clear the air, Katey Green and Angela Workman came up with a series of questions and answers about Syria.

    Q: What’s happening in Syria?
    A: Syria is at civil war right now and the use of chemical weapons (gases and toxins that are illegal throughout the world) has been proven to be in use.

    Q: Why is the USA getting involved in this?
    A: Syria called for an intervention (a plea for protection to prevent another chemical attack)
    Q: What are some of the other nations doing about this?
    A: France, Great Britain, and Russia have all stepped in and are trying to solve this crisis, but Bashar al-Assad (the president of Syria) has threatened that anyone who steps in will “pay a steep price”

    Q: What chemical weapon is in use?
    A: Sarin (a man made chemical that is considered the most toxic and powerful of its kind. It kills quickly by damaging the lungs and nervous system.)

    Q: How many people have been killed by this gas?
    A: 1,400 people, 400 of those being children

  • Word on the Street 09-15-13

    Teen Pulse staff members asked LAMS students, “Who’s your favorite football team?”

  • Meet the 'Beak' Staff

    Editor’s note: As part of a collaborative effort between the Teen Pulse staff and the Los Alamos Middle School ‘Beak’ staff, LAMS journalism students in Sherri Bublitz’s class will contribute material for the Teen Pulse page every other week.

  • Word on the Street 09-08-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Owen Bradbury Aranda asked students, “How do you feel about ‘Breaking Bad’ coming to an end?”

  • Andrew and Mousie 09-08-13
  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 09-08-13

    Monday: Fuse beads
    Tuesday: Kickaball
    Wednesday: Movies and munchies
    Thursday: Pool tournament
    Friday: Staff choice

    The Los Alamos Youth Activity Center is located at 475 20th St., next to Ashley Pond, 662-9412. The White Rock Activity Center is located at 10 Sherwood Blvd., across from Smith’s in Rocket Park, 672-1565. The centers are open from 3-6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday. Memberships are free and open to all third through eighth graders. 

  • Mode a la garbage: Turning trash into fashion

    When I hear the term “recycled fashion,” I automatically think of hand-me-downs and thrift shop threads. And in a way, recycled fashion is just that.

    In fact, according to The Council for Textile Recycling, about 2.5 billion pounds of fabric would be thrown away if it weren’t for consignment stores.

    Fashion comes at a price — an environmental price that consumers often forget about when they eye a pair of stilettos or splurge on a designer bag.

    In light of current environmental conditions, the definition of “recycled fashion” has expanded to include clothing that is actually made from materials that would otherwise be thrown into the garbage or recycled.

    Inspired and creative designers across the globe are starting to use the materials they would normally throw away to create whimsical pieces of clothing that make a social and environmental statement.

    The Second Annual Los Alamos Trash Fashion Contest will make exactly this statement at the Next Big Idea Festival on Sept. 14. The show will take place at noon at the roundabout by Pet Pangaea.

    The contest is open to people of all ages, who may enter an eye-catching garment that is made of at least 75 percent recycled or reused materials.

  • Family, colleagues remember Fabry

    On a cool spring day during the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year, Los Alamos High School had what at first seemed like a regular fire drill. Little did Marilyn Fabry know, however, that it was a fake fire drill — a secret plan to stage a pep rally for the LAHS mathematics teacher who was stoically battling cancer.

    As the alarms buzzed, students clad in orange congregated on the steps of the amphitheater by the new building, waving signs with inspirational words for Fabry, determined to surprise and support her.

    A massive tubular orange air-puppet named George rippled in the breeze, a gleaming smile on his face. As the crowd grew, a group of teachers scuttled around, plugging in speakers and making last minute preparations for the surprise.

    “It was probably the best kept secret on this campus,” said LAHS principal Sandra Warnock, in retrospect.

    Then the double doors at the bottom of the amphitheater opened and out came Fabry, unsuspecting and sporting a knitted hat, pushed in a wheelchair by her daughter Stephanie Pittman, who also works at LAHS.

  • Meet the Beak Staff

    As part of a collaborative effort between the Teen Pulse staff and the Los Alamos Middle School ‘Beak’ staff, LAMS journalism students in Sherri Bublitz’s class will contribute material for the Teen Pulse page every other week.

  • LAMS Cartoon