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  • Lewis & Todd 12-29-13
  • Fashion Maven: Start the new year with a new outlook

    We all may have our own individual New Year’s resolutions in relation to fashion.
    Your friend may be deciding to finally buy a new pair of boots to replace the torn-up ones she wears all the time, or you may have your sights set on finding those fuchsia corduroys you saw in a magazine last summer.
    However, everyone — man and woman — should have two fashion New Year’s resolutions in common. Jan. 1, to me, signifies a fresh start, and is therefore also the perfect time to clean out your closet and set some goals regarding your shopping habits.
    Come Dec. 31, our closets tend to get cluttered with new pieces and become unorganized as we get distracted with the alluring alternative of baking cookies, or decorating the Christmas tree.
    But our closets are screaming for help.
    Your primary fashion New Year’s resolution should be to take a fine-toothed comb through your wardrobe.
    Pull out the pieces that you don’t want or that you never wear. You can either trash them if they’re beyond acceptable condition, or donate them if they are free of stains or rips.

  • Holiday toddler throwback

    This week, our Teen Pulse staffers took a trip back in time and each, as if they were little kids again, wrote a letter to Santa describing what they wanted for Christmas years ago.

    Dear Santa,
    I hope you have had a good year making all those toys. How is Mrs. Claus? For Christmas this year I would really like a Harry Potter life-size broomstick and a German shepherd puppy.

    Merry Christmas,
    Ben Hanlon

    ■ ■ ■

    Dear Santa,
    This Christmas I would like a few things. First of all, I wish for a unicorn. I don’t know how many unicorns you have, so it’s OK if you drop off a pony instead. Please make sure it is no taller than five feet because I would like to ride it. I also wish for a glitter nail polish set. Finally, I would like to ask you a favor. I’m sure you know the Tooth Fairy very well. Could you please ask her to visit me sometime? She always writes me nice letters, and I think that she and I would make the best of friends.
    Thank you!

    Alexandra Hehlen

    ■ ■ ■

  • What reindeer are you?
  • Mystery teacher solution


    On Dec. 8, the Teen Pulse staff writer, Lena Saiz invited readers to play “Name That Teacher.” Below is the solution. 


    The Mystery teacher answer is... Melissa Goldman. Latin, German and French teacher at Los Alamos Middle School. 

  • Living skills


  • Opinion: Lightning Hawk 8 Declaration of Independence


    In the past few weeks, in Julia Agnew’s language arts classes, we have been writing our own Declaration of Independence’s from Rex Kilburn, the principal of Los Alamos Middle School. 

    We have been looking at the Declaration of Independence, and this was an exercise to help us with understanding the Declaration, and how the people at the time felt. 

    When we finished writing our Declaration, we invited Kilburn to come and listen to our thoughts, and we gave him a royal seat and outfit to make him feel like King Kilburn. 

    In our Declarations, we stated the rules we felt should be changed and why. We also made a threat of what we would do if Kilburn did not change the rules. 

  • New Mexico Crisis and Access Hotline

    Professional counselors are available 24/7.
    • Having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else
    • Struggling with drugs and/or alcohol
    • Feeling like you can’t get out of bed in the morning
    • Experiencing violence or abuse where you live
    • Looking for a counselor in your area
    • Behaving in ways you know aren’t safe, but you continue anyway
    • Having a hard time keeping your anger
    under control
    • Seeking support for someone struggling with
    their mental health
    1-855-NMCRISIS (1-855-662-7474 crisis line) or

    Free and confidential.  

  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 12-15-13

    Monday: Holiday crackers

    Tuesday: Gift box

    Wednesday: Movies and munchies

    Thursday: Popcorn Rudolph bag

    Friday: WWII Friday

    The Los Alamos Youth Activity Center is located at 475 20th St., next to Ashley Pond, 662-9412. The White Rock Activity Center is located at 10 Sherwood Blvd., across from Smith’s in Rocket Park, 672-1565. 

  • Word on the Street 12-15-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Owen Bradbury Aranda asked LAHS students, “What do you think LAHS should do in order to prevent more suicides?”