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  • Foreign exchange students share experiences

    This year, Los Alamos is home to a slew of foreign exchange students, who have been spending this school year at Los Alamos High School as juniors.
    Hailing from Belgium, Germany, Poland, France and Serbia, these students are experiencing a community, culture, landscape and education system that are drastically different from their own.
    Six foreign exchange students shared the details of their stay in New Mexico so far.
    For all of these international students, who are used to the buzzing city life of their hometowns, Los Alamos is quite a change of pace.
    “There’s nothing to do, the only place you can go out is Starbucks,” Thomas Routiaux said half-jokingly.
    Although the college freshman from Liege, Belgium misses the variety of activities that he and his friends can undertake in Belgium, he loves the nature and hiking trails that New Mexico has to offer.
    Elena Plaga, a German student from Munich, and Tina Krkljus, a student from Serbia, have both found activities that keep themselves busy in their spare time.
    Both ladies are swimmers, and Krkljus takes part in various clubs.

  • LA youth to compete in national snowboarding competition


    The Olympics always draw attention to the wealth of athletic talent across the globe. Viewers see athletes as young as 15 years old catapulting off ramps, rocketing down steep slopes and flying across ice. Not too long ago, many of these athletes were beginners, adolescent snowboarders nailing together makeshift obstacles in their backyards. With years of practice and dedication they became rising stars.

    Nine-year-old Los Alamos resident Cade Van Etten is an up-and-comer, too. Underneath his red hair, smattering of freckles and big blue eyes lies a tough young man who has been snowboarding since he was 3 1/2 years old.

    For the third year in a row, Van Etten will be competing against dozens of other boarders in the USASA Southwest Freeride series, which is a national snowboarding and skiing competition that will take place in Copper Mountain, Colo., from March 28 to April 8. 

  • A round of applause at the Roundhouse


    On Tuesday, Feb. 4, a group of Advanced Placement course students from Los Alamos High School visited the Capitol Building in Santa Fe to receive the College Board’s AP District Honor Roll Award. 

    According to the CollegeBoard, the award was given to 477 districts across the nation and Canada for schools that increased “access to AP®course work while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning scores of 3 or higher on AP Exams.” 

    LAHS is the first school in the history of New Mexico to receive this award. 

    For the 10 faculty members and 22 students that went on the trip, the day began with an awards’ ceremony held in the State Capitol’s rotunda. 

  • Lewis & Todd 02-09-14
  • Word On The Street 02-09-14

    Teen Pulse staff members Kenzi Hunsaker and Lily Johnson asked LAHS students, “What do you think of Valentine’s Day?”

  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 02-09-14


    Tuesday: Valentine’s Day cards

    Wednesday: Movies and munchies

    Thursday: Valentine treat cups

    Friday: Valentine coloring (Activity Center open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Los Alamos only)

    The Los Alamos Youth Activity Center is located at 475 20th St., next to Ashley Pond, 662-9412. The White Rock Activity Center is located at 10 Sherwood Blvd., across from Smith’s in Rocket Park, 672-1565.  

  • The Valentine's Day video dilemma

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to watch a movie. While many envision a romantic date with their lover, single people have to endure the holiday as well. Whether you’re on a date, or alone this Valentine’s Day, there’s always a movie to watch. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is the perfect film for a date, while “(500) Days of Summer” makes a good fit for the lonelier viewer.
    “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is a great light-hearted, romantic comedy to watch on Valentine’s Day with a sweetheart. Although it doesn’t necessarily stand out from others films in the same genre — in terms of the message it sends about love — it is incredibly funny and will have you laughing the whole way through.
    The film illustrates different stages of love, from teenage crushes to the bachelorism of early adulthood to the products of a mid-life crisis. Starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, among others, the film boasts a star-studded cast.
    Gosling plays Jacob, the ultimate ladies’ man and is essentially a mentor to Cal (Carell), who needs to regain his “manhood” after he finds out that his wife wants a divorce. Packed with hilarious awkward moments and unforeseen plot twists, the film is funny, sexy and all-around enjoyable.

  • Enjoy the Shao

    Alice Shao sat cozily on a couch, a smile spread wide across her face, ready to dish on her recent selection to perform as clarinetist at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, the famous concert auditorium.
    Shao, a junior at Los Alamos High School, was nominated by Zane Meek, the band teacher at Los Alamos High School, to perform in Carnegie Hall’s Honors Performance Series on Feb. 10.
    The performance will feature students from the United States and Canada, and Alice is the only student going from Los Alamos. “It’s an honor to be performing at Carnegie,” Shao said.
    Shao flew to New York City on Thursday, where she will go through placement auditions that will determine what she will be playing and whether she has a solo. The ensemble rehearsed those days, and performs on Monday.
    The pieces chosen for this performance are “Gavorkna Fanfare” by Jack Stamp, “My Jesus! Oh, What Anguish (Mein Jesu! Was Für Seelenweh)” by Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Alfred Reed, “Children’s March (Over the Hills and Far Away)” by Percy Aldridge Grainger, arr. R. Mark Rogers, “The Dream of Oenghus, Op. 37 (Part 1)” by Rolf Rudin and “Don Ricardo” by Gabriel Musella.

  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 02-02-14

    Monday: Birthday board

    Tuesday: Glass hearts

    Wednesday: Movies and munchies

    Thursday: Valentine bingo

    Friday: Kids choice

    The Los Alamos Youth Activity Center is located at 475 20th St., next to Ashley Pond, 662-9412. The White Rock Activity Center is located at 10 Sherwood Blvd., across from Smith’s in Rocket Park, 672-1565.  

  • Lewis & Todd 02-02-14