• People in the News 7-2-15

    Eric L. Talley, a native of Los Alamos, and a leading authority on corporate law, corporate finance, contracts, and law and economics, will join the Columbia Law School faculty as Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law on July 1. He is a frequent commentator in national media and consults extensively with regulators and corporate boards on issues pertaining to fiduciary duties, governance, market structure and finance.
    He is the son of Thurman Talley, of Los Alamos and Fran Talley, of White Rock.
    Talley, a legal scholar and economist, will teach Corporations in the fall of 2015, and Corporate Finance in the spring of 2016.
    He is currently a member of the University of California Berkeley School of Law faculty, where he serves as the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Professor in Law, Business, and the Economy. He is also the outgoing faculty co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy.  
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    Don Bustos, of Santa Cruz, is this year’s recipient of the fifth annual James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards.

  • Births 6-28-15

    May 26: A girl, Rhee S. Nath, born Sushmita Ghosh and Pulak Nath
    June 2: A boy, Israel Martinez, born to Ericka Velasquez and Jason Martinez
    June 3: A girl, Jaslynn Marie Rose Sauer, born to DeAnna and Dominic Sauer
    June 6: A girl, Brooklyn Nova Jimenez, born to DeNae and Leonard Jimenez
    June 7: A boy, Thomas Aquinas Meyer, born to Rachel and Chad Meyer
    June 7: A girl, Charlotte Rose Stein, born to Erin Hemphill and Stuart Stein
    June 18: A girl, Payson Ryleigh Romero, born to Dancie Smith and Lance Romero
    June 19: A girl, Adelina Sofia Ortiz, born to Elyza and Daniel Ortiz
    June 20: A boy, Ethan Vance Romero, born to Christina and Adrian Romero
    June 20: A boy, Jonathan Jerome Sanchez, born to Victoria M. Sanchez

  • People in the News 6-14-15

    Tristan Goodwin, of Los Alamos, was one of nearly 250 Cornell College students named to the Dean’s List for the Spring 2015 semester. Goodwin earned High Honors.

    Miranda Olinger, of Los Alamos, was among the 616 students to graduate with a bachelor of art degrees from Gustavus Adolphus College on May 31. Olinger graduated summa cum laude in psychological science.

    Grace Berry, of Los Alamos, was awarded a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with distinction at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    Shalee Britton, a student from Los Alamos, and a junior attending West Texas A&M University, is the recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship and will travel to Brazil in the fall. Britton is a wildlife biology major and is also an Attebury Honors student.

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison has recognized Sakura Kawano, Los Alamos, named to the Dean’s List for the spring semester of the 2014-2015 academic year.

 Kawano is a part of the college of engineering.

  • Births 5-17-15

    April 30: A boy, Callum Jude Ferguson, born to Kim and Jim Ferguson
    May 5: A boy, Lucas Li, born to Shan Li and Hongbo Li
    May 10: A boy, Anthony Harold Lee Kedge, born to Amanda and Anthony Kedge

  • Births 5-3-15

    April 5: A boy, Felix Huang, born to Jen-Huang Huang and Hsrang-Ju Juang
    April 9: A girl, Sadie Lana Wiggins, born to Angela and Brandon Wiggins
    April 13: A girl, Christine Isabella Hickey, born to Karla and Joseph Hickey
    April 17: A girl, Bella Rose Gomez, born to Senovia Atencio and Ryan Gomez
    April 17: Twins: A girl, Maliah Ariel Ortiz and a boy, Emilio Angela Ortiz, born to Tabetha Madrid and Harold Ortiz
    April 19: A boy, Sylus Max Gentry, born to Alyssa Gill and Erin Gentry
    April 20: A girl, Ruby Navé Pacheco, born to Roberta and Angelino Pacheco
    April 23: A boy, Benjamin F. Abyeta, born to Francine Rodriguez and Joshua Abeyta
    April 23: A girl, Cecilia Kenlee Jacobsen, born to Ana and Doug Jacobsen


  • Births 4-12-15

    March 17: A girl, Peyton Jessica Maestas, born to Marcella and Ian Maestas
    March 20: A girl, Natalia Izabella Alcalá, born to Pamela and Julio Alcalá
    March 24: A girl, Kiley Olivia McNeel, born to Jennifery Wiley and Stephen McNeel
    March 24: A boy, Kian Walter Bradshaw, born to Kristi and David Jr. Bradshaw
    April 4: A boy, Daniel Michael Luna, born to Alyson and Michael Luna
    April 11: A boy, Charles Steven Richardson, born to Vanessa and Charles Richardson and big brother Aiden Richardson

  • People in the News 4-8-15

    Hae Chung, Los Alamos resident and a student at the Pratt Institute in New York City, was among more than 1,100 students who made the Dean’s List in the Fall 2014 semester.

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    Shannon Blair, a 2011 graduate of Los Alamos High School, will present original research as part of The Whitman College Undergraduate Conference.
    The 17th Annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference brings together students from every academic area of the college to share their research and creative projects with the campus community. The projects are a result of the students’ work in their courses, senior theses, summer internships and study abroad.
    Blair is a senior at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

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    James Coburn, son of James Coburn Sr. and Martha Perkins, of Los Alamos, habe been named to the Academic Honor Roll for Bloc 5, and high honors for Bloc 4 for the current school year at Colorado Timberline Academy in Durango, Colorado.

  • Births 3-22-15

    March 3: A girl, Andréa Marie Rendon, born to Camila Segar and Alexander Rendon
    March 4: A boy, Ethan Ernest Baros, born to Poekwi Mirabal and Ramon Baros
    March 9: A boy, Ryder Guy King, born to Jennifer and Bradley King

  • Births 3-8-15

    Feb. 24: A boy. Lucas Ryan Chavez, born to DeeAnn and Ryan Chavez
    Feb. 26: A girl, Ivy Danae Harlow, born to Danielle Ward and Clinton Harlow

  • Births 3-1-15

    Feb. 11: Carter Glada Sanderson, a girl, born to Danielle Sturm and Steven
    Feb. 19: Bythe Kerala Bremser, a girl, born to Sarah and Jeremy Bremser