• Births 8-30-15

    July 27: A girl, Lisa Raylynn Dishta, born to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dishta
    Aug. 8: A girl, Naevia Grace Villa, born to Tamara Sanchez and Jesse Villa
    Aug. 8: A boy, Matthias Anthony Fabian Abeyta, born to Ambrosha Baca and Leon Abeyta
    Aug. 11: A boy, Patrick Stuart Taylor, born to Laura and Stuart Taylor
    Aug. 12: A boy, Preston Scott Tyler, born to Amanda Apgar and Eric Tyler
    Aug. 15: A boy, Gilbert Joseph Lopez, born to Tammy and Bobby Lopez

  • People in the news 8-30-15

    Aubrie Powell, of Los Alamos, a graduate of Los Alamos High School, has graduated Magna Cum Laude from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in music.
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    The following Los Alamos students will begin their first semester at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales this fall: Trisha Barks, John Dermer, Miranda Honnell, Lauren Mazuranich, Jacqueline Fernandes and Richard Morley.

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    Kendall Schneider and Mariah Zerr, of Los Alamos, have been selected to serve as President’s Ambassadors at Eastern New Mexico University.

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    Erik Bojorquez and Taylor Pomeroy, both of Los Alamos, were named Eastern New Mexico University counselors for Dawg Days 2015. Dawg Days is the annual back-to-school kickoff weekend that serves as a welcome to new students. The weekend’s events, including a foam party and community barbeque, are led by the Dawg Days counselors.

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  • People in the news 8-17-15

    Jonathan Vander Wiel, of Los Alamos, graduated with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering, Cum Laude from LeTourneau University spring graduation.

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    Antonia Batha, of Los Alamos, was named to the 2015 Dean’s List at Union College in New York. Batha is a member of the Class of 2017, majoring in gender, sexuality and women’s studies.

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    The following Los Alamos students will begin their first semester at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales this fall: Trisha Barks, John Dermer, Miranda Honnell and Lauren Mazuranich.

  • Births 8-17-15

    July 14: A boy,  Liam Grant Ponce, born to  Amber Pyle and Christian Ponce
    July 25: A girl, Charlotte Isabel Thoren, born to Bryanna and Victor Thoren
    Aug. 3: A girl, Aarya Grace Goff, born to Jaipriya and George Goff

  • People in the News 8-2-15

    Anne Chamberlin Siler, the daughter of Barbara Chamberlin of Santa Fe, and David D. Chamberlin of Los Alamos, recently completed her residency training at St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency in Grand Junction, Colorado.  
    Chamberlin Siler was honored with the Capstone Scholarship Award, Pediatric Rotation Resident of the Year, and Resident Teacher of The Year.
    Chamberlin Siler is a graduate of Los Alamos High School and Lewis and Clark College.  She received her M.D. from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon.  
    She will continue living and practicing medicine in Grand Junction, Colorado.

  • People in the News 7-26-15

    Los Alamos High School 2011 graduate, Edward Dai, at the age of 18, recently graduated from Stanford University with university distinction.
    He earned a bachelor’s of science degree in the mathematics honors program and a minor in economics, as well as a master’s of science degree in management science and engineering.
    Dai spent four years in Stanford, holding several positions in the university, such as teaching assistant in the Computer Science Department, the head of teaching assistants, president of the Stanford University Mathematical Organization, director of the Stanford Mathematics Tournament, deputy director of the Mathematics Tournament China 2014, and the co-founder of a Stanford dance club.
    Edward Dai and his parents, William Dai and Anna Zhang, would like to take this opportunity to praise the quality of education at Los Alamos, and thank the teachers in Mountain Elementary School, Los Alamos High School, and the Los Alamos Schools District, particularly then-superintendent Dr. Mary McLeod who initiated the accelerated program for talented students at Los Alamos when Dai was at his elementary School.
    Dai has recently started his employment at Google Incorporation. He will travel to Beijing in August to organize the Mathematics Tournament China 2015.

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  • Births 7-12-15

    June 16: A boy, Fabian Dominic Trujillo, born to Kimberly and Fabian Trujillo
    June 21: A girl, born to Klaire Dee Angel Upshaw, born to Mallory Oldman and Larry Upshaw
    June 24: A boy, Jeshua Ezekiel Porter, born to Brianna Maestas and Joseph Porter
    June 27: A girl, Cassidy Nichole Coffin, born to Brette and Wiley Coffin
    June 30: A girl, Gloria Yuhuai Li, born to Tingting Cai and Fuxiang Li
    June 30: A girl, Hailey Rae Kennard, born to Bria Sandine and Brandon Kennard
    July 1: A boy, Timothy Edward Lueninghoener, born to Lisabeth and Cory Lueninghoener

  • People in the News 7-9-15

    Garrett Rhodes, an Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) cadet at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, recently graduated from the three-week airborne training course, also known as “jump school,” at the U.S. Army Airborne School, Fort Benning, Georgia.
    The airborne school allows the cadets attending host colleges and universities to earn their jump wings.
    After completing the course as qualified paratroopers, cadets return to their college or university ROTC program to pursue a commission as second lieutenants in the Army.
    During the first or “ground week” of training, students undergo a rigorous, progressive physical training program and receive instruction in the theory of parachute jumping, safe landing falls, mock door exiting, and wearing a parachute harness and lateral drift apparatus.
    The second or “tower week” of training includes jumping from a 34-foot tower, practical use of the swing landing trainer, suspended harness apparatus, mock door mass exiting procedures, and the 250-foot, free tower jump. In the final or “jump week,” students complete five static-line parachute jumps which includes one day and one night jump off of a C-130 and C-141 transport aircraft.
    Rhodes is the son of Elizabeth Moreun of Las Vegas, Nevada, and David Rhodes of White Rock.

  • People in the News 7-2-15

    Eric L. Talley, a native of Los Alamos, and a leading authority on corporate law, corporate finance, contracts, and law and economics, will join the Columbia Law School faculty as Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law on July 1. He is a frequent commentator in national media and consults extensively with regulators and corporate boards on issues pertaining to fiduciary duties, governance, market structure and finance.
    He is the son of Thurman Talley, of Los Alamos and Fran Talley, of White Rock.
    Talley, a legal scholar and economist, will teach Corporations in the fall of 2015, and Corporate Finance in the spring of 2016.
    He is currently a member of the University of California Berkeley School of Law faculty, where he serves as the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Professor in Law, Business, and the Economy. He is also the outgoing faculty co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy.  
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    Don Bustos, of Santa Cruz, is this year’s recipient of the fifth annual James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards.

  • Births 6-28-15

    May 26: A girl, Rhee S. Nath, born Sushmita Ghosh and Pulak Nath
    June 2: A boy, Israel Martinez, born to Ericka Velasquez and Jason Martinez
    June 3: A girl, Jaslynn Marie Rose Sauer, born to DeAnna and Dominic Sauer
    June 6: A girl, Brooklyn Nova Jimenez, born to DeNae and Leonard Jimenez
    June 7: A boy, Thomas Aquinas Meyer, born to Rachel and Chad Meyer
    June 7: A girl, Charlotte Rose Stein, born to Erin Hemphill and Stuart Stein
    June 18: A girl, Payson Ryleigh Romero, born to Dancie Smith and Lance Romero
    June 19: A girl, Adelina Sofia Ortiz, born to Elyza and Daniel Ortiz
    June 20: A boy, Ethan Vance Romero, born to Christina and Adrian Romero
    June 20: A boy, Jonathan Jerome Sanchez, born to Victoria M. Sanchez