Young performers start right at the top

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By Kirsten Laskey

The expression, “you got to start somewhere,” usually implies starting with small, insignificant beginnings is advantageous to getting a foothold in reaching a greater, larger objective.

This expression is useful motivation. However, some people need no words of motivation to move them to the top, because they are already there. In one giant leap, they bypassed small beginnings and stepped right to the top.

Richard Schmidt, 11, Patrick Wadsack-Stewart, 14, and ninth-grader Peter Ahrens can tell what the view looks like from way up there, these three local Los Alamos youth are performing in the Santa Fe Opera’s production of “Billy Budd.”

Ahrens is performing as the cabin boy, or the captain’s servant, and Schmidt, and Wadsack-Stewart are powder monkeys, which are young boys who carry the gun powder to the cannons. Wadsack-Stewart is also midshipman, a student training to be an offier.

This is not the first time these three have been on the Santa Fe Opera’s stage. Ahrens and Wadsack-Stewart performed in “Carmen” and “La Boheme.” Schmidt appeared in “The Magic Flute” and “La Boheme.”