You can't trump true love these days

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Bill was an amazing person. He was kind to the elderly and to children, charitable to a fault, and a friend to all who knew him. If you met Bill, it would be difficult for you not to admire him as much as everyone else did.
 I remember a sign he had on his office wall, a quote from Shakespeare - “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”
 Sadly, Bill contracted AIDS and died after suffering through a series of infections his body could no longer fight off.
 My friend Marc and his life partner, Bill, were a couple. They met in college and it was love at first sight. If you had seen them together, you’d know what true love really is.
 But when Bill was on his death bed, Marc wasn’t allowed to see him. Bill’s parents refused to admit Marc to visit and say goodbye one last time. Though they were lovers, Marc wasn’t “family” because he didn’t have that piece of paper that makes it legal.
 Bill’s father blamed Marc for Bill’s dying of AIDS, even though Bill contracted had contracted the virus through a tainted blood transfusion (hospital blood supplies were not tested for AIDS prior to 1985). Marc was homosexual and that was enough to brand him an evil abomination of nature who murdered his illicit lover.
 Bill’s father was an idiot (and if he’s still alive, I presume he’s still an idiot).
Marc never recovered from the death of his life-mate and the hatred dumped on him for loving another man.
But that was 30 years ago. Our nation has matured since then and we no longer treat homosexuals like dirt. We give them the right to pursue happiness (as guaranteed in our Constitution).
We are a nation that celebrates the sanctity and beauty of the love that binds two people together for a lifetime.
Well, maybe not.
Regressive baggers in the Louisiana State Senate have made same-sex marriage a level-6 felony, which means that same sex couples getting married are guilty of a “crime” punishable by up to 18 months in prison.
Stepping down the ladder of sanity a couple dozen rungs brings us to Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert who warns us that allowing gay marriage will ultimately “force churches to hire cross-dressing Satan worshipers.” With equally vacant logic, he went on to say that limiting gun magazines to 10 rounds would lead to gay marriage and bestiality.
Gee, how can you argue the wisdom of a genius like that?
Paul Cameron of the “Family Research Institute” claims that anyone supporting gay marriage must themselves be gay, and then went on to demand that all gays should be imprisoned because “the agenda of gay marriage supporters is to force all children to try out gay sex at least once.”
Missouri Rep. Vicki Hartzler warned that same-sex marriage would lead to an epidemic of 3-year-olds driving cars.
Seriously, is there a theoretical limit on how much stupidity some people can stuff into one head?
Thirty-one states have likewise “embraced the love of marriage” by banning same-sex marriage in their state constitutions.
Here in New Mexico, State Senator William Sharer blogged against same-sex marriage, citing it as a cause of violence and poverty in America. Then he emphasized that unless a couple could procreate, the marriage was against the laws of nature. (Hey, all you old couples out there! Either figure out a way to start having babies, or get divorced!)
And right here in Los Alamos, County Clerk Sharon Stover presented a weak argument against issuing a same-sex marriage license (even though a court order allowed it) because the marriage license form said “bride” and “groom” on it.
For some people, stupidity trumps the law, but fortunately the presiding judge, Sherri Raphaelson, upheld the license application, pointing out that “the law trumps the form.”
Sharon, your understanding of the law is as transparent as your interpretation of love. People don’t get married because they want to live with each other. They get married because they can’t live without each other.
Try to trump that one.