Yes to A1/A2 based on positive results in Europe and elsewhere

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I favor Options A1 and A2 for Trinity Drive based on my positive experiences with roundabouts in Europe, New Zealand and here where Diamond Drive branches to Barranca and North mesas.  
Negative letters are again starting to flow in about roundabouts, and I really wish we had them in more places on Diamond Drive. The beauty of roundabouts is that traffic doesn’t stop because a light changes, traffic only pauses for other traffic. No other traffic is like having a green light all the way through town, and Trinity Drive doesn’t have a lot of cross traffic. Gone is the insanity of stopping at a light when no one else is around just because it has turned red.
My son lives in Austria where five small villages grew together into a somewhat industrialized metropolitan area with a combined population of 20,000 plus additional commuters from surrounding villages. This is in the Alps where they get lots of snow, too.  I’ve seen how well traffic flows there with only roundabouts to merge narrow roadways that didn’t get bigger as surrounding European towns grew. Their rush hour traffic includes big trucks, cars, and bicycles (incredibly without bicycle lanes).
My first experience with roundabouts was twenty years ago when I spent two weeks driving all over New Zealand. I saw no traffic lights outside of the two largest cities with several hundred thousand plus populations. I did find one stop sign. All the rest of the intersections I passed through were roundabouts. Imagine an entire country getting by with the equivalent of options A1 and A2!
Small businesses seem to thrive in other countries where Options A1 and A2 are the standard. Emergency vehicles seem to get through just fine. Perhaps we should install European sounding sirens in our police, ambulance and fire trucks?

Daniel Varley
Los Alamos