Women can do it all

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At Tuesday’s Kiwanis luncheon, members of the audience were concerned whether Stephanie Richard, Democratic candidate for the New Mexico House of Representatives could be a teacher and a representative in the legislature? Let me categorically state, yes!  
In fact, as I imagine Mrs. Wallace knows, there are at least 11 other educators in the Roundhouse. New Mexico has a citizen legislature and they receive only  per diem pay. This system allows ordinary citizens to be a part of the government. If it were a full-time job, then only the rich or retired or unemployed could  represent us.
Of all people, a teacher is the ideal person to be in the legislature. When 42 percent of the state budget goes to K-12 education, who could possibly know better what schools need and how they work than a classroom teacher? In addition, because she is an educator, Stephanie  can attend all interim committee meetings because they occur in the summer when she is off.
Stephanie is not just any teacher. She is an outstanding teacher educated at Columbia University. During her first year teaching third grade at Pojoaque, she ran a successful primary campaign, she wrote a dossier to progress from being a tier one teacher to a tier two teacher and all of her students made annual yearly progress as measured by the New Mexico standards based assessment. This woman can clearly be a wife, mother, teacher and soon an outstanding legislator who will bring the necessary changes  to move our county and state into the future.

Karyl Ann Armbruster
Los Alamos