Witness to the murder: Philip Blake

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By Special to the Monitor

Hello, my name is Philip Blake and I am a partner in Kellway, Blake and Leverstein, the finest brokerage in London. Sixteen years ago, my good friend Amyas Crale was murdered by his wife Caroline. At the behest of their daughter Carla, I and the other witnesses have inexplicably been persuaded to participate in a reenactment of the crime, in order to satisfy Carla that the events of that day did indeed unfold, as we all know they did.
 It is all an absurd waste of time and to make matters worse, I have recently learned that Carla is encouraging members of the general public to gawk as we make utter fools of ourselves. I can’t imagine that such a spectacle would appeal to anybody, but I am told that still more appalling nonsense passes for quality entertainment in the colonies.
Join us, then, if you must: the building will predominantly be dark, so with a bit of luck your presence may escape notice. You can all see it first-hand, so why not come and watch the ridiculousness unfold. What an utter waste of time it will be, to reminisce about something that happened 16 years ago, as if that will bring Amyas or Caroline back. But, I’m sure it will be a delight from the view of the bystander!