Wismer deserves your vote

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I support the election of Mike Wismer to the county council. Mike is as interested in the future of our county as anyone I know. While on the council, Mike took on one of our most contentious issues by chairing the committee that dealt with animal problems.

Mike skillfully helped the group to consensus on an issue that had divided the community for many years. Mike also initiated a proposal to council to form a Youth Advisory Board. The board’s membership, which is approved by the council, is made up of youth who advise the council on issues facing the youth of our town.

I was the first council liaison to this board and found the input from the youth very helpful to me and the council in recognizing problems that Los Alamos youth face today. Later Mike also served as the council liaison to the Juvenile Justice Board.

Mike may not agree with all the suggested activities and programs supported by the youth, but he will work with the citizens and youth and try to solve a problem before it becomes devisive.

Mike is a listener and he is not vindictive. If the council’s majority decision is not one he supported, he will respect the council vote and move positively to solving the next issue. While on council he worked to make sure that all councilors had an equal opportunity to serve on all council committees and to help conduct the county business inside and outside of the state. His actions showed me that he would not support a council member being stifled or constrained.

His registration as an Independent may be an asset rather than the liability that some claim. In my opinion there are few issues that come before council where a Democratic or a Republican view is of primary relevance. Mike will work and communicate with all councilors regardless of party affiliation.

We need Mike on the council starting in January.

Los Alamos