Winter driving tips

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Motorists are encouraged to stay alert to weather conditions

By Special to the Monitor

During the winter months, the county would like to remind residents of some important safety considerations for motorists to take, in order to make their travel as safe as possible.

Motorists are encour­aged to equip their vehi­cles with chains and/or snow tires and carry a con­tainer of sand and a shovel in their vehicle.  Barrels of sand for public use are placed at locations that historically become icy and slick during storms, including:

• San Ildefonso South at both ends of the guardrail;

• North Mesa Road east of the roundabout;

• Near the end of 37th Street off of Diamond Drive;

• At the dead end of Gold Street/Arroyo Lane;

• At the Mesa Public Library lot;

• Near the intersection of State Road 4 and Rover in White Rock;

• Near the intersection of North Road and Quemazon; and

• Other locations within Quemazon, as requested by citizens.

Streets may be snow-packed and slippery dur­ing winter storms. Road condition updates will be broadcast on several popular regional TV and radio stations when streets become so hazardous that motorists might encounter delays.  

It is the responsibility of every motorist to have their vehicle properly equipped and serviced to handle such condi­tions and to drive their vehicle carefully and courteously during adverse


During storms, drivers are asked to be alert and courteous to county crews, who will be doing their best to keep the streets open and safe for traveling. Please assist them in this difficult task by yielding to their efforts and keeping a safe distance away to avoid having vehicles struck by flying sand and salt.

When practical, crews will plow snow toward the sunny side of the street to speed the melting process. Therefore, residents should park in their driveways or on the shady side of the street to minimize snow accumulation around their vehicles and to keep plows from having to maneuver around vehicles.

In the event of heavy snowfall, snow will be plowed to both sides of the street. Residents should expect that plowing operations will likely deposit snow in driveways and on sidewalks.

Residents and property owners are encouraged to keep their sidewalks, parking areas, and driveways in a reasonable, passable condition and to remove snow and ice from these areas.  County staff requests that snow be placed on adjacent lawns or yards and not in the street.

Residents with questions or concerns are asked to call the county’s Snow Control Center at 662-8397.

Information about road conditions for state highways is available on the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department’s Hotline: 1-800-432-4269.