Why the step backwards?

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By Ralph Damiani

There was a ceremony Tuesday afternoon to honor retired Sen. Pete Domenici.

The event was the dedication and naming of three buildings at the center of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The only problem was that no one was allowed to attend outside of the laboratory, which is too bad and something we don’t understand.

Domenici was on hand to receive the plaudits of laboratory leaders and staff, which is well and good. But the general public should have had some avenue to attend.

Yes, we know that the ceremony was in the auditorium of the National Security Science Building and you need clearance to go there. But the laboratory has made arrangements in the past, with escorts and such, to get people in.

Not this time and we think that is too bad.

This was a good thing. This was a positive event that LANL’s leaders should have been so happy to share.

But they fell back to old ways and hid behind their wall of secrecy.

It would have been nice to join in the honoring of Domenici and the “Pete V. Domenici National Security Science Complex.”

We again hope that the laboratory will reconsider such policies and continue to move in the direction of openness whenever possible.

Some good progress

The county’s formal opening of the Eco Station on East Jemez Road is a good step forward.

Construction of the Eco Station began in early last year and the ribbon was cut in the fall, however the center was not operational until last week.

We want to laud the county for making this move as something that is both environmentally and financially good.

So, after passing the Environmental Department’s inspection, the county is now accepting waste at the new facility.

And this is a very good thing. From better identifying of hazardous wastes, to reducing the litter from the landfill, the new site is good business.

Also, there is a convenience area behind the transfer area where you can get rid of electronic waste, mixed recycling items, cardboard, trash or oil.

From better trash contol to better recycling, this facility is a huge step forward and we should all give the county its due for this fine facility.