Why stay in Afghanistan?

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By The Staff

The so-called experts give various fallacious arguments for increasing our military presence in Afghanistan, as follows:

Win the war against al Qaeda. This makes no sense because the al Qaeda left Afghanistan long ago, and they are quite happy in Morocco, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, etc.

Liberate the people from the Taliban. But the Taliban are mostly from the Pashtun ethnic group who want to restore their rule in Afghanistan. The Pashtun make up nearly half the population so we are effectively fighting the Afghan people.

Support the Afghan government. The problem here is that there is no central government. The Bush regime installed Hamid Karzai as the president, but his administration has been incompetent, inefficient, as well as disgraced by a rigged election.

Train the Afghan army in a year. This is illusory, since experience shows that it takes more like ten years, not one, to train a poorly equipped, incompetent and undedicated group like the Afghan army.

President Obama should hopefully take a lot of time to get it right in deciding on the troop level in Afghanistan.

Richard D. Foster

White Rock