Who’s doing the work?

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By Adele E. Zimmerman

We have become a nation that refuses to dirty its hands. We let people in other countries do our manufacturing. We use underpaid immigrants or rent people from other countries to do our manual labor.

We did not learn the lesson of the Revolutionary War. Citizens who owned and worked their own land or produced the goods consumed in this country triumphed over an absentee ruling class.

We did not learn from the Civil War. The North, housing most of the manufacturing jobs performed by free citizens, triumphed over the South, which was largely dominated by a relatively small number of landowners, with labor allocated to slaves imported from other countries or their descendants.

We are a country of entrepreneurs and financiers. Our wealth is largely based on trading shares in companies that employ very few Americans and have little financial stake in America.

So, how is that going?

Adele E. Zimmerman

Embudo, N.M.