White Rock trail passes council

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By Kirsten Laskey

With a visitor center and street improvements already approved, the drive to improve White Rock further accelerated when Los Alamos County Councilors passed a motion for the design and construction of the Canada del Buey pathway and park project.

The $779,956 project includes a 2,000-foot-long, 10-foot wide paved pathway on the south side of N.M. 4, between Time Out Pizza and the commercial property owned by Peter Cantrup at the southwest corner of Sherwood and N.M. 4.

It will reach the north side of the Canada del Buey until it crosses Bonnie View Drive.

From there the path will switch to the south side of the Canada del Buey and continue until it reaches the intersection with Rover Boulevard. The path will then connect with an existing trail that runs to Overlook Park.

The project features small natural pocket parks with some equipment and furniture.

Although it’s gotten the county’s approval, there are other steps to be taken before cement gets poured.

Kyle Zimmerman, public works director, said Wilson and Company, the company contracted to do a study on the pathway project, must complete the design and construction documents.

At that point, the county will bid the work out, Zimmerman said.

There is no set timeline for the project’s completion. Zimmerman said there are pieces of property that still need to be acquired.

Council Chairman Mike Wismer said the path will offer a lot of benefits to the White Rock community.

“It will provide a pedestrian link from neighborhoods in White Rock to N.M. 4,” he said.

 “We hope it will entice businesses and developers to N.M. 4.”

Zimmerman said the project “will allow people a chance to move around the community that doesn’t involve walking next to a road.”

Zimmerman said the Canada del Buey pathway and park project is a product of the White Rock Master Plan.

Other projects that were generated by the master plan include a new White Rock Visitor Center and several improvements to N.M. 4.

The county council has approved both projects.


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