White Rock Tourist Center Reopens Today

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By The Staff

The White Rock Tourist Information Center is reopening for business today. The center was closed yesterday for temporary repairs to a wall that was pierced by the front end of a runaway vehicle Sunday. Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce officials said the temporary fix was sufficient enough to resume operations Tuesday. Permanent repairs are expected to get underway in the next couple of weeks.


Major damage occurred to the White Rock Tourist Information Center Sunday afternoon when an unoccupied Volkswagen Jetta rolled downhill from a nearby gas station and plowed into the wall of the building. No injuries were reported in the incident.

The center was open at the time, but staffer Barbara Reass was unharmed as the vehicle tore a gaping hole in the wall and came to rest with its front end actually inside the building. It was not clear what caused the vehicle to roll down the hill in the first place.