White Rock church defaced

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On first day, preschoolers are met by satanic and obscene messages

By Tris DeRoma

When it comes to vandalism, not even a house of God is safe.


Someone apparently spray-painted the White Rock Methodist Church’s walls with blue, yellow, black and red graffiti sometime during Sunday night or early Monday morning. The graffiti included upside down crosses, the number “666,” various obscenities and the words, “Red Rum,” (“murder” spelled backwards)

“Red Rum” is apparently a reference to a novel by Stephen King called “The Shining.”

The vandal also signed his or her work, calling themselves "Snyp3."

Church officials were obviously dismayed. The vandal seemed to have concentrated on the front doors of the church’s “Horizons” preschool center, as well as the church’s community van.

“It was very disconcerting. I had children crying, and parents were very upset,” said one woman at the center, who did not want to give her name. “Unfortunately, some of our preschoolers know how to read.”

She also said they felt sorry for the individual. “I think it’s sad that they chose to strike out at us in this manner,” she said, adding that they are praying for the individual or individuals who did it.

The biggest damage is to the exterior stucco walls, she said, saying it’s going to be very tough to get it off the stucco. “The windows and the doors we can deal with using a little elbow grease, but the walls are going to be tough,” she said.

Pastor Gary Seelau was saddened and a bit mystified as to why someone would pick his church.

“There’s more sadness than anger,” he said. “I have no clues as to what their motives would be, whoever it is. Obviously, they need some kind of help as to what direction they’re going.”

While church officials hope for a positive outcome, their main goal is to cover up the graffiti as soon as possible. They also noted how hard it is to get spray paint if you’re under 18 in Los Alamos County. Parents and contractors are urged to check their garages or storage areas for any missing or used cannisters of red, blue, yellow or black spray paint.

If you have any information or would like the help the church with donations or in-kind services, call the church at 672-8210.

If you have any information that may lead to an arrest, call the police department at 662-8222.

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