White Rock alignments

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By Melvin L. McCorkle

I support only options that contain four lanes of traffic and would prefer full turn lanes. In reality, the project should provide four lanes from Grand Canyon to Rover. The traffic flow along this section (Grand Canyon to Rover) should be designed to facilitate the laboratory traffic off the hill. I do not support a roundabout of any kind and believe they cause poor traffic flow given the American driver’s constant “me first” attitude. These attributes are exacerbated during bad weather and snow. Again, get the traffic off the hill. Someone in the county apparently believes that roundabouts are the solution to every traffic problem.

For people that do not want to stop in White Rock we need to facilitate their exit.

Central Avenue has gotten so kludged up we no longer even attempt to use it. At one time we made an extra effort to shop locally. I can only speak for myself but all of these traffic impediments just cause us to leave the hill most anytime we shop.

The people in charge should think about how to encourage people to shop locally by creating traffic flow that is conducive to helping people to get around. What they are doing makes it more convenient to turn right and just keep on going.

Melvin L. McCorkle

White Rock