When a cache is really a cache or really not

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My Monitor arrived rolled up as usual, but this time with a “Weapons Cache Seized” headline prominently displayed.
I eagerly unrolled the newspaper, wondering what juicy event had happened in our small town.
One hunting rifle. One plinking rifle. One handgun.
After I finished (rolling on the floor laughing) and caught my breath, my son asked what was up.
I explained to him that this was not a “weapons cache.”
Not in a town where the local Sportsman’s Club has an annual Machine Gun Day. It’s a wonder the cops were able to keep straight faces during the interview.

John Zoltai
Los Alamos

Editor’s Note: “Cache” as defined in the dictionary and used in Friday’s story is: “A hiding place, esp. one for ammunition.” Richard Morse had more than a thousand rounds of ammunition hidden inside his home along with the two rifles and handgun.