What we need is a sailboat dealer

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By Richard Hannemann

Dear Editor,

Has it occured to anyone that there is no sailboat dealer in Los Alamos? Why is there no sailboat dealer in Los Alamos? There is plenty of disposable income for sailboats. There are lakes nearby to float a sailboat. There are people in Los Alamos who want, or already have, a sailboat. But, there is no sailboat dealer in Los Alamos.    

What is wrong with Los Alamos that there is no sailboat dealer? What is wrong with Los Alamos that people who want a sailboat and have the money for a sailboat can’t go to the local sailboat lot, look over an array of sailboats, and purchase the sailboat that is their heart’s desire? Surely, those who can afford a sailboat and want a sailboat should be able to buy that sailboat right here. If they can’t, they’ll buy it elsewhere.    

They will take the money they earn here, go off the Hill, and buy that sailboat in some other town. Some other town will get the gross receipts tax. We can’t allow that. The money was earned here, the GRT should go to our county for our sidewalks and roads and capital improvement projects to support our life-style.    

A sailboat dealer would be good for our economy and our town. People who commute here would be able to pick up their new sailboat on the way out of town. People would come from miles around to buy a sailboat here, adding to our economy. And a sailboat dealer here would speak volumes about our town and who we are. It is imaginative, even visionary.

To have a sailboat dealer here says that we are people who think outside the box, who see beyond the ordinary. People will be impressed and want to live here.   

We must have a sailboat dealer for the sake of our economy, for our town’s future, and for the future of our children. We need it for growth and prosperity.    

But where to put it? Maybe we don’t have a sailboat dealer because we don’t have a place to put it. That must be it. We need to tear something down, demolish some part of Old Los Alamos, to make way for the new. We can tear down the Little Theater, which used to be the old Recreation Hall.

Its ugly, its old, it was built by the military, it represents the Old Los Alamos which we no longer want, need, nor can afford to associate ourselves with, and it stands in the way of economic development and the future.    

It is time for the council to act, at whatever the cost, because Los Alamos MUST HAVE a sailboat dealer.

Richard Hannemann

Los Alamos