This week's Cone Zone

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RMCI is required to maintain safe vehicular and pedestrian access throughout the project.

The location of existing utilities, placement of new utilities and maintaining vehicular traffic has made it impossible to keep the swing of equipment out of the pedestrian path. 

Beginning Monday, RMCI will use a 15-passenger van to transport pedestrians through the Canyon Road construction site.

 The van will make the route every 5 to 7 minutes all day long and will safely carry pedestrians through the project. 

The route will start at 9th and Canyon headed north on Canyon and will make the loops at Nugget and Opal, and Piñon Loop (north and south covered in both directions). 

Residents on the Nugget/Opal and Piñon Loops can wait in front of their residence for pickup. 

There will be  two designated stops, one will be at Pine and Canyon picking up the residents in the cul-de-sac (residents in the Pine cul-de-sac also have access to the Quartz/ 6th Street stop through the park at the east end of Pine), and the other will be at Quartz and 6th Street to pick up the residents from the Rim/Quartz Loop. 

The route will end at 15th and Canyon. 

The driver will turn around and run the route in the opposite direction. At the end of the day pedestrians will be given a smooth, designated walking surface for the evening as well as through the weekend. 

 For construction related concerns, call the Public Works Department at 662-8150.


Public Works Projects:

For more information about the projects listed below, please e-mail lacpw@lacnm.us, call

662-8150, or visit the “Projects” link at www.losalamosnm.us. Please slow down and use caution as you travel through these construction areas.

Eastern Area 2 Concrete, Paving & Utility Project – Phase 2:

Canyon Road remains closed with a “rolling” closure between Rim Road and 15th Street; the closure shifts closer to 15th Street as work on the sewer line progresses.

Resident Pedestrian Access: Beginning on Monday, the Contractor will run a van to carry pedestrians both directions through the construction: the route is from 9th/Canyon to 15th/Canyon, and includes loops Nugget/Opal and Pinon. Designated van stops are at Pine and Canyon as well as Quartz and 6th Street. Residents on Nugget/Opal & Pinon should wait in front of their residence for pick up. At the end of each day, pedestrians will be given a smooth, designated walking surface for the evening, as well as through the weekend. All other (non-resident) pedestrian traffic should seek alternate routes.

Vehicle Access: Canyon Road traffic between Nugget and Rim Road can expect daytime flagging operations with minor delays. Two-way traffic will be restored in this area in the evenings and weekends when work is not occurring.

Construction of sewer line/manhole work will require a closure at North Sage Loop on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Residents are asked to use South Sage.

Mesa Public Library Safety Improvements:

Construction continues at the Mesa Public Library. The roadway in front of the library is closed between the two library parking lots. Handicapped parking access has been moved to the Senior Center next week to allow the contractor to begin work on the north side of the work area. Handicapped parking at the Senior Center is accessible from Bathtub Row. Pedestrians are urged to use the provided pedestrian pathways and to watch for construction activity.

Cañada del Buey Multi-Use Trail Improvements:

The contractor will continue to trim and remove trees that block the construction of the pathway. Primary work will be at the intersection of Bonnie View and Longview.

Upcoming Construction: Western Area Phase 1

RMCI, Inc. will start construction on after the Memorial Day holiday, on Tuesday, May 28. Crews will begin trenching 41st and 42nd Streets, north of Trinity Drive. Motorists can expect flagging operations and minimal delays. Work hours will be Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Access to residences as well as services such as mail delivery, emergency services, trash and recycling collection will be maintained.

Other Resources:

Construction updates are posted at www.losalamosnm.us each Friday explaining traffic control to be expected for the following week – link to News/The Cone Zone