Webcam installed at skate park

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By Jennifer Garcia

Teens hoping to keep up with their friends at the skate park are getting a little help from a surprising source.

Those who are curious can now log on to the county’s Web site and view the park and its users, whenever they want. About a month and a half ago, a camera was installed at the park and is accessible via a link on the county Web site.

The camera is focused on the skate park and shows users skating, as well as portions of the parking lot where the Farmers’ Market is held.

“This idea had been discussed when the skate park was in the planning stages as a way for the kids to observe the use of the park and maybe even identify when their friends were there,” Community Services Director Stephani Johnson said. “Although I’m here at the library and am pretty familiar with what times the park is used, it does let our staff observe as well, to see what are the peak times of use,” she continued.

The idea for the camera came from a request by council.

“The county council actually thought the camera would be a good idea,” Johnson said. So far, little has been said about the installation of the camera, as the Recreation Department has not received any feedback from the public, according to Johnson.

In addition to the new webcam, the skate park also has someone watching those who frequent the park and ensures that they abide by the rules. James Keane was hired in May and works approximately 20 hours per week, between the hours of 2:30-5:30 p.m. Keane not only monitors the skate park, but he also works at the Ark Childcare center.

He also worked the skate park competition held a couple of weeks ago and already has some ideas on how to improve the park.

“He has made several suggestions based on his observation at the park,” Johnson said. “For example, (he pointed out) a need to repair the drains around the park and the need for a sign to be reinstalled in the parking lot,” she explained.

Those who are interested in viewing the web cam can log onto www.losalamosnm.us/rec/Pages/default.aspx and click on the link that says Skate Park Webcam.