We need better bike paths

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Mario Schillaci for your well written letter regarding the bicycle-UNfriendly nature of the pedestrian crossing islands included in the “beautification” project on Central Avenue.  

Once again this scientific community misses an oppportunity to present its potential as progressive and exemplary in much-needed green technologies and city planning. The islands are a disaster waiting to happen, the complete opposite of bike lanes.  

I would add this observation: On a recent school day at Los Alamos High School I noticed that the one available bicycle rack located east of Duane Smith Auditorium was full to capacity with bikes.  

The students were forced to chain their bikes to the adjacent roof support poles (probably to the dismay of school security and administration.) Wouldn’t it be a great way to encourage our youth to ride instead of driving to school (where possible), by providing adequate storage for their alternative transportation as well as safe passage on our roadways to and from school?

We can do better.  The time is now.

Maria J. Mojica

Los Alamos