We are still the land of opportunity

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By Ralph Damiani

Many people like to spend much of their time working overtime to find anything – and everything – that is wrong with America.

And while there are issues and concerns we as a people and nation have and must deal with, a very solid case can be made that this is truly the best place there is to live.

When we have troubles – be it with the government, our leaders or our laws – we deal with them. We don’t bury our heads and pretend those problems don’t exist.

But more than that, this is one of few nations where all citizens all have the chance to improve their lives, regardless of where they’re from, who their parents are, the color of their skin or their gender.

The freedoms we enjoy give everyone the ability to be successful. That cannot be said in very many nations.

Here, you have opportunity based on ability. Period.

Yes, there are obstacles in the prejudices people have. But these are not legal or societal issues. You may have to overcome an individual but not the society as a whole.

Again, we are fairly unique in that regard.