Water shortage

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“A shortage of water is a major obstacle facing the ski resort,” said the representative of the Ski Club. Well, welcome to New Mexico.
 A shortage of water is a major obstacle facing the entire state and neighboring states. And wasting water on entertainment like skiing is selling out the future of Los Alamos for a bit of fun today. If Los Alamos could reduce water use to a sustainable level, we, with our superlative and exceptional water supply, could guarantee water for generations to come. Instead, water is wasted on flower baskets and ski hills, bringing the day closer when we as a community are truly short of water.
This is not about skiing, this is not about pretty hanging flowers. This is about whether we citizens of Los Alamos care enough about the future of this community to keep our water use within the rate of supply.
Make no mistake: Snowmaking is consumptive, meaning that it uses water, losing it to the atmosphere. This is Hydrology 101. In Water Resources 101 we learn that water supply cannot sustainably exceed demand. It’s all simple mass balance. We either live within our means or we live at the expense of the future of our community. We have the choice.
Please do not exacerbate our water stress.

John Tauxe
Los Alamos