Water leak detected at LAGC on Monday

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By The Staff

An underground pipe leak was found Monday near Los Alamos Golf Course and will need to be repaired.
A main line that supplies water to the south side of LAGC was found to be leaking either near or underneath Diamond Drive, but the exact location isn’t yet known. The leak affects watering on holes 1-10 and 16-18.
LAGC said it is watering those holes with a 1,000-gallon tanker borrowed from the county’s Parks department and the course will have a 3,000-gallon tanker from the Roads and Streets department at its disposal.
A press release from LAGC warned, however, that the course, particularly the fairways, may show signs of stress until repair work is completed. Repair work is scheduled to begin this Monday.
LAGC is scheduled to host the Los Alamos City Championship this weekend.
Here is the full press release:

Hi all
On the 23rd of July, an irrigation leak was detected along Diamond Drive.  At first, I thought this may have been a leak from the potable water system. However, after isolating the main line in the pump house, I determined the leak was indeed from the main line that supplies water to the south side of the golf course.  With the assistance of the county Water Gas and Sewer Department, an excavation was completed to locate the main line and determine where exactly the leak is located.  As of today, it is now determined that the leak is under the road and the following course of action is mapped out.
Monday, July 30th, Brad Parker will begin to excavate on both the north and south sides of Diamond Drive to assure the leak is under the road bed.  If it is discovered on the shoulder of the road, it will be repaired and we will have full irrigation.  If that is not the case, and the leak is deemed to be under the road, we will insert a smaller diameter pipe inside the failed 8” mainline and adapt it to our existing mains.  This is a temporary repair.  A new 12” HDPE main line will be bored under Diamond Drive and then tied into the existing irrigation system on hole 18 and at the pump house.  Typically, a leak of this nature would be repaired within hours and the system restored to full use.  What makes this repair difficult is its location under Diamond Drive.  Several county departments; GSW, Roads, Traffic, and Capital Projects have coordinated efforts to reach this point and to expedite the process. It has been deemed an emergency project and Parker Construction will be handling the repair at this time.  
How does this impact the golf course?  The holes that are affected by this leak are 1 through 10, 16 through 18, and the driving, putting and chipping ranges. Between now and Monday, we (by that I mean Dale) will be watering greens and tees with the 1000 gallon tanker borrowed from the Parks Department.  In addition, Roads and Streets is leaving their 3000 gallon tanker to assist with watering of tees.  Fairway landing areas will be supplemented, if possible, but will begin to show signs of stress.  The roughs will be left alone.  The earliest we could see full use of the system would be Monday if the leak is discovered on the shoulder of Diamond Drive.  If that is not the case, then the temporary main line inserted inside the broken main could take up to a week from today’s date, July 25, 2012. We intend to keep the golf course in as good a condition as possible regardless of the weather.  Rain, of course, would ease the urgency. However, even if rain occurs, we are going to proceed as quickly as possible.  
I appreciate everyone’s understanding with this unique leak; a simple leak in a difficult location.  
Richard Matteson, CGCS