Watching night skies for meteors

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On the night of Aug. 11, I was lying on the roof of my home in Barranca Mesa watching the sky for signs of the annual Perseid meteor shower.
At about 11:05 p.m., a yellow fireball, the largest of the night up to that time, came roaring in directly overhead from NE to SW, leaving behind a large golden tail. And I mean literally roaring. For the first time in over 55 years of watching the night sky I actually heard a load, deep, ripping sound. I heard the roar within a fraction of a second of observing the light.
Based on the extremely short lag time between seeing the light and hearing the sound, I could only conclude that the meteor was no more than than 1/4 mile away.
Did anyone else report seeing and hearing a meteor in Los Alamos that night?

John Eklund
Los Alamos