Wallace is part of us

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Jeannette Wallace has been part of Los Alamos and this region for half a century. She raised her family here and has volunteered her time and energy to civic activities for decades. She served three terms on our county council.
The state legislature meets 90 days in each two years.  Much of its work is now done in interim committees throughout the year. Jeannette travels the state to represent us on those committees. Although unpaid, it is a full-time and exhausting job. Few of us could keep up with her. She understands the state’s fiscal challenges thoroughly and is highly respected on both sides of the political aisle in Santa Fe.  
Jeannette’s opponent moved to Los Alamos two years ago and has been running for Jeannette’s job most of the time since. She may be a fine and capable person, but she has had little opportunity to really know the area or contribute to it. Her principal supporters appear to be organized labor and political interests from outside this district. Who would she really represent?
Jeannette is part of Los Alamos and this legislative district. She’s contributed enormously to it over the years and still does. She is an effective, tireless legislator. Her opponent can claim none of those attributes. Rarely is there a more obvious choice in a political race.           

Robert Gibson
Lori Heimdahl Gibson
Los Alamos