Vote for Tom Udall

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Tom Udall, a courageous politician, progressive thinker, and courteous man, deserves to be the next New Mexico Senator.

I sense that many members of this community are still reluctant to vote for Tom Udall simply because he did not oppose a particular House Bill that recommended budget cuts to the nuclear weapons laboratories. I understand that people worried about the ramifications of the proposed budget cut to the Laboratory and the potential negative impact to Los Alamos and the surrounding communities in northern New Mexico.

However, Tom Udall’s message has been always consistent in terms of encouraging the laboratory to diversify the mission areas beyond nuclear weapons research. His voting record demonstrates his strong commitment to energy and environmental stewardship and it is well reflected in his desire to see the Laboratory to put its talented scientists and engineers to do more research in emerging areas of national and global needs.

His desire to see the laboratory diversify its mission space is not far different from the recent message from the head of NNSA who also encouraged the NNSA Laboratories to expand the mission space so that we can address the grand challenges such as energy security. As a Cambridge-educated intelligent man and savvy politician who learned politics thorough osmosis from a young age, he must have carefully thought about the ramifications of his vote for the House Bill and his push for unpopular topics.

Tom Udall’s voting record signifies him as a progressive and courageous politician. While so many people expressed publicly and privately their dissatisfaction on Tom Udall’s positions as much as his political opponents wanted to use them to blemish Tom Udall’s chance to win the election, Tom Udall has been always courteous in listening to the opinions of others.

He continues to expresses genuine interests and respect for the people and the laboratory that he has been serving for the last five terms as our Congressman. He will prevail to win the Senate seat with or without the support from Los Alamos. It will be better if he wins Los Alamos, it is simply because Tom Udall, with Senator Bingaman, will make so many decisions that will critically impact the future of Los Alamos and the laboratory for many years to come.

Los Alamos