Vote of confidence for Katko

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By The Staff

Here are a few thoughts about our child's and our own experiences at Mountain Elementary School: In our opinion, Mike Katko has been the best principal in a long time at Mountain Elementary School. We have lived right next the school for about 10 years, and our boy attended there from K-6 grades.

Mike has many strengths, including an open mind, he is very kid-centric. He is there each morning to greet the children; he knows them by name. He pops into classrooms during the day just to check in. He has what we consider to be a rational attitude about the importance of education -- we agree it is huge.

He is a children's advocate. The kids love him -- and you don't usually hear these types of words about a principal. He allows the teachers freedom to teach without micro managing. This trust appears to have blown up in his face.

We live next door to the school, and he is also a good community neighbor.

It was distressing to hear that there was a possibility that Mr. Katko would get cashiered. It was even more shocking to read a newspaper article in the Monitor about these rumors. What is going on? Did anyone bother to ask the parents?

At the school board meeting Apr. 14, we ran into another dozen parents who had very similar positive stories to tell about Mike. We signed a petition in support of Principal Katko, along with something like 150 other parent signatures.

Tom and Lysa Intrator

Los Alamos