Video features local Iwo Jima veteran

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“The battle of Iwo Island has been won. The United States Marines by their individual and collective courage have conquered a base which is as necessary to us in our continuing forward movement toward final victory as it was vital to the enemy in staving off ultimate defeat.” 

“By their victory, the 3rd, 4th and 5th Marine Divisions and other units of the Fifth Amphibious Corps have made an accounting to their country which only history will be able to value fully. Among the American who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue.” — Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

The theme of the talk “Sixty Nine Years Ago: The Battle of Iwo Jima,” with local Iwo Jima Marine Corp veteran, Bill Hudson will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 19 at Mesa Public Library, upstairs meeting rooms.

Hudson will show a video “Uncommon Valor: The Battle of Iwo Jima,” produced by the Canadian History Channel. 

On the 69th anniversary of the American forces’ landing on Iwo Jima, the showing will commemorate that historic battle and all those who fought and those who were lost. The video has not been aired  publicly on television in the United States.

Hudson went back to Iwo Jima for a military reunion and was interviewed by the producers of the video. 

Hudson earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his actions during the infamous battle. He will comment about his personal experience between scenes from that operation where 6,841 Marines were killed and another 20,000 were wounded.

After the viewing, Hudson will give a brief talk about the military significance of the bloody battle and answer questions from the audience.

Hudson is a longtime Los Alamos resident, retired educator and former Los Alamos High School swimming and cross country coach. 

For information or questions about the  presentation, call 661-6901.