The victim: A poisoned painter

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By Special to the Monitor

Editor’s note: This is the final story in a series introducing the characters featured in Agatha Christie’s “Go Back For Murder” production at Los Alamos Little Theater.

It wasn’t me, although I’m hardly innocent. In fact, I don’t know who the murderer was. What I do know is that I’m the one that’s dead. That’s right, I’m the one that got murdered. I am, or was, Amyas Crale.
It is hardly my fault that I was born with a deeply artistic soul and a shallow, egocentric, hedonistic personality. While I loved painting more than anything, probably more than I loved my dear wife Caroline, she was far more woman that I deserved.
Worse, I had a weakness for women — I just couldn’t stay away from them. I seemed to attract them too. I was not particularly masculine, handsome or virile, but I could tell when the attraction was mutual and I just went with my feelings.
These dalliances with other women meant nothing to me. Caroline was my rock — I always went back to her and she accepted me. That is, until I met Elsa. So different was she, full of life and vigor and love and passion. Truly, I tried to keep away from Elsa and stick with Caroline, but I just couldn’t.
I’d invited Elsa down to my home at Alderbury to paint her and be with her. Caroline took it rough; she knew what was really going on between Elsa and me.
Well, Caroline was furious, my best friends Phillip and Meredith were furious, even the governess was furious with me for flaunting Elsa in front of Caroline and her 14-year-old half-sister Angela.
The last I remember was that it was a glorious summer day, the garden was spectacular, Elsa was radiant and my brush was capturing every detail. And then I died.
I don’t even know if I finished the painting. I just remember that beauty was flowing from my brush onto the canvas.

For information on the special New Year’s Eve performance and dinner for “Go Back for Murder,” call 662-2914 for tickets. Performance dates are 7:30 p.m. Jan. 7, 8, 14, 21, 22 and 2 p.m. Jan. 15. Tickets available at CB Fox and at the door, Los Alamos Little Theatre, 1670 Nectar St.