A very sad story

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

It was with great sadness we read your June 9 article “L.A. police cadet charged with DWI.” It is unfortunate that cadet Daniel LaDuke made the serious mistake of driving while under the influence. While we don’t condone this lapse of judgment, we feel your readers should know a little about the Dan LaDuke we knew when he was a councilor at the YMCA after-school program (which our son attends) immediately prior to joining the Los Alamos Police Department.

Dan was simply the best councilor our son has ever had during the many years he’s participated in the YMCA program. Dan is absolutely wonderful with children, and they love him in return. Frequently Dan would, on his own time, attend the after-school soccer and basketball games to “cheer on” and congratulate the kids he cared for. He did other above-and-beyond things for the kids as well; such as the time he arranged for LANL’s Special Response Team, which he once served on, to come to Barranca Mesa and put on a display for the kids.

He is a caring, giving, respectful man and absolutely selfless. He aspires to coach high-school sports and we hope some day he coaches our son. We’ll close by saying that when we learned Dan was joining the local Police Department we both commented that we could think of no person better suited to law enforcement because of his personality, integrity, kindness and love for children.

We both hope he will be given the opportunity to redeem himself and serve our community.

Greg and Patti Buntain

Los Alamos