Vance wins this week’s Pace Race

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Because of heavy rains Tuesday, much of the markings on the Pace Race’s 3-mile trail were washed away.
Despite the tough navigating, however, Linda Vance still managed the best prediction of the week.
The Pace Race is a weekly event hosted by the Atomic City Roadrunners. Tuesday’s run went through Bayo Canyon and Rendija Canyon.
Vance was just 15 seconds off her predicted finish time, easily topping the field.
Karen Thorn was 30 seconds off, Ted Romero 33 seconds off and Jennifer Reglien, running on the 1-mile course, was off by 63 seconds.
On the shorter course, Mariela Vargas was the fastest finisher with her time of 9 minutes, 54 seconds.
Romero finished the long course in a time of 22:49. Roxana Candia had a time of 30:44.
The next Pace Race will be 6 p.m. Tuesday.
The race will start at the Montessori school in Quemazon.
For more information about the Pace Race or the Atomic City Roadrunners, contact 672-1639 or visit the club’s website, atomicrunners.com.