The ups and downs of teenage love

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By The Staff

My sister had been waiting for this movie for months. She re-read all the books, which the movie is based on, in preparation of the next film installment of the “Twilight” series.

I myself was eager to see “New Moon.” I’ve not read the books but I had seen previews for the film and read an article about the film’s star, Robert Pattinson. All of this wet my appetite for the movie.

Even my sister’s husband was eager to see the movie – proving that there is something in the movie for men and women of all ages.  

It didn’t disappoint us.

The young love between vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) takes a sharp turn when an altercation during Bella’s birthday party spurs Edward to break up with Bella and move out of the small, sleepy town they live in.

His decision leaves Bella in a grief stricken state, but she becomes somewhat healed when her friendship with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) deepens. However, even Black carries a secret.

The story in “New Moon” made me reminisce about the lunch hour in high school. At the beginning of the period, friends were ready to give their boyfriends the boot. But by the end of hour, my friends were crying and begging their men to get back together.

Bella and Edward may have called it quits at the beginning of the film and Jacob might offer Bella his affections but I knew Edward and Bella would get over their teenage angst and be in each other’s arms by the movie’s conclusion. Poor Jacob didn’t stand a chance.

The characters are adolescents but they are pretty mature. Bella, Jacob and Edward put themselves at risk to save one another and it’s great to see youngsters giving their love to those who are vastly different from themselves.

My sister accurately pointed out there is a lot more character development in this film than in the previous film, “Twlight.”

You learn more about what is going on in Jacob’s life and some of the reasons behind Bella’s yearn to become immortal just like Edward.

With a focus on the characters, it sometimes feels like the plot is taking a backseat. However, there is more than enough action to make up for any slow pacing.

An old villain, a vampire named Victoria, is back for revenge after Edward and Bella staked her boyfriend in the first movie.  

Plus the rulers of the vampire world cast an interested eye over Edward and Bella.

The movie is also a visual feast. The small town may be constantly overcast but there is a beauty in the misty fog that shrouds everything and I love the labyrinth of evergreen forests and meadows the characters walk through in the film.

Plus with dreamy actors like Pattinson and Lautner in the movie, it’s easy to see why teenage girls are filling up the movie theaters.