UNM-LA engineering program moves forward

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By Special to the Monitor

Enrollment for the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos engineering program is up, with 40 incoming freshmen declaring engineering as their chosen program.
Program Coordinator Oksana Gerlits and Cindy Leyba of the UNM-LA site of the Bachelor and Graduate Program through Extended University have worked closely with the Engineering Department at UNM Albuquerque to make sure course offerings are available for students who want to do bachelor’s-level work in engineering on the UNM-LA campus.
“We had a very favorable meeting with Dr. Heileman, director of the Undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering Program and Dr. Shen, the interim chair of the Mechanical Engineering Dept.,” Leyba said. “They are willing to support us in offering both live and online classes. We plan to offer our first 300 level ECE course in Fall 2011. The School of Engineering has committed to putting 20 upper division and graduate courses on-line over the next few years,” she said.
Engineering students will use state-of-the-art software worth $150,000, thanks to National Instruments, headquartered in Austin, Texas.
The company has granted UNM-LA a site license for its software worth $150,000. This software enables UNM-LA to create curriculum that will enable the next generation of scientists and engineers to develop electromechanical technology, solar technology and nanotechnology.
In addition, National Instruments has committed to a 50 percent discount on six engineering laboratory stations called ELVIS II+ and has supplied free LabVIEW Student licenses to the engineering students this year.
“National Instruments is impressed with UNM-LA’s commitment to engineering education and plans to continue to support UNM-LA with its efforts to educate the next generation of scientists and engineers,” said National Instruments District Sales Manager David Bonal.
Leyba and Gerlits will hold a planning meeting for all current and aspiring electrical and computer-engineering students from noon-1 p.m. Thursday in Bldg. 6 Room 626 on the UNM-LA campus. Staff and faculty will be available to answer questions and refreshments will be served. For more information about the meeting or about engineering at UNM-LA, contact Leyba, 661-4686 or Gerlits 662-5919, ext. 603.